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When will Canon drivers be updated for Mac Big Sur operating system?


The current drivers for Canon printers on Apple produts have never worked with the beta of the Big Sur operating system. (they only print table outlines but no text).  Feedback to Apple acknowledges that many people have reported this but the reply is the "OS is operating as currently designed", meaning Apple feels its Canon's problem.


Once the OS is public, how long will it be until Canon releases updated drivers? Anyone have any insight, experience, or notion of when (or if) they will do so?


Iv'e been using PSP for some time with Catalina but now upgraded to Big Sur to now find it doesn't work. I have a Pixma Pro 10 printer so if anyone knows where I can get the plugin please let me know. It's unbelievable! I bet Epson are up to date! 

Exactly the same


Same here.


My IPF8400 no longer works since i upgraded to a new mac with BIg Sur. Print Monitor pops up and says that the Printer is ready. But the job does not queue up or print on the print monitor window.


Nothing for imageclass either. Seems simple enough. Get the update done asap. Or, I buy elsewhere. I need to print at least 2  dozen times a day. 


You think your doing the right thing by keeping your computers uptodate but seems to be a never ending issue with MAC, everytime there is a major update non of the other software seems to work. I had same issue with Catalina and now Big Sur, my Canon MG2500 Series 2 wont work. Hopefully wont have to wait too long before Canon come up with update


I found directions elsewhere. Reset printers from System preferences. Deleted all the Canon drivers, emptied the trash. Turned off computer, unplugged printer from both USB and power. Let them sit. Restarted computer, plugged in printer to power and USB. It said the Canon MX860 was there. Printed the test page. Found my latest document, and it printed text and pictures. Christmas miracle! LOL! 


Same problem here with a Pixma MX340 ink jet printer. No driver option available siince updating to Big Sur on a Macbook Air. The only device I can now print from is my old iPhone via the Canon app but that's not helpful with large design files. Any suggestions? 

I was able to download a driver for my LBP6230dw from the Canon website and now my printer is working with Big Sur.


Hello Canon Community! 


I've just spoken to Irene at Canon Customer Care (Europe) and the good news is that a print driver for Big Sur is being developed, thank heavens. I did tell Irene to ask her colleagues to make haste as more Mac users are being encouraged to upgrade to Big Sur.


Irene said to keep on checking for the Big Sur driver as she couldn't give a date.


Here's to printing on my vintage Canon printer again.


Keep well and safe.


Mrs K


Would you Adam and Eve it, as soon as I sent my first message, I then checked the Canon website and there is a Big Sur print drive available in Brexitland/The UK:

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