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When will Canon drivers be updated for Mac Big Sur operating system?


The current drivers for Canon printers on Apple produts have never worked with the beta of the Big Sur operating system. (they only print table outlines but no text).  Feedback to Apple acknowledges that many people have reported this but the reply is the "OS is operating as currently designed", meaning Apple feels its Canon's problem.


Once the OS is public, how long will it be until Canon releases updated drivers? Anyone have any insight, experience, or notion of when (or if) they will do so?




Many people ask this same question prior to an OS release.


Lots of variables to consider. 


Hardware compatibility

Popularity of product 

Support life cycle


Drivers can start showing up 1-3 months before OS release, and then continue to trickle out for 3-5 months after release.  Not all products will continue to receive support, even if they run under Catalina.  In some cases, support for a new OS can be added to a recently released driver version.  Support varies and is never guaranteed.  .          


If you rely on you system for production, I would suggest that you not upgrade it as you may not get working drivers when the OS is officially released or at all in some cases. Playing it safe is recomended to ensure productivity.  

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I'll wait for the official reelase and a bit longer.  My HP is still working fine and if I just have to switch to them to get product support - well that's capitalism at work.

Same, here.  Don't think it is wise to replace computer which company wrongly handles with another be same company


A work around, not a happy one admittly, is to convert your document to a JPG or PNG and then it will print.

Good news: Big Sur is out and I was able to find MacOS 11.0 drivers for my MF4700n at the Canon Singapore site.

The suggestion to go to the Singapore Canon site worked. I got a driver for my ImageClass MF236 printer here:

Yes this worked. I got a driver to my ImageClass MF236 printer here:

Nope, can't even print JPG or PNG from a Canon PIXMA MP470.