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Looking to upgrade from the SL1

Hey y’all, I’ve been getting into photography recently and I have a canon SL1 with the 18-55 and 70-300 kit lenses. I also invested in a 50mm 1.8F lens. I mainly shoot candid events with my friends, especially in low light, portraits and sports photo...

zataka by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

EOS 4000D Black spots in photos

Hi community!I have had EOS 4000D for about 3 years and I cleaned it ever since there has been black spots whenever I take a picture and tried everything to clean the lens  I am unsure what to do next, do I invest in a different body or get this fixe...

Sfee by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

Resolved! 5D Mark IV Main Dial Issue & More

You can count me in as another person with problems with my 5D mark iv. I've only just joined this forum as I have been searching for answers.  My camera has not locked up (yet), however the front dial by the shutter button is behaving strangely. It ...

Bebop by Apprentice
  • 14 replies

Canon Camera Subscriptions?

Hopefully, it's only a rumor, but my understanding is that Canon is planning to launch a subscription service with the launch of the Canon R5 Mark II.  As a Canon owner, going back to my first AE-1, I am 100 percent against having to purchase a new a...

oplatka by Contributor
  • 6 replies

Resolved! Canon camera support with an 850D in the US

Hello, I've been having a issues with a Canon EOS 850D that I bought from a 3rd party shop on amazon. It started as error code 30 and at random times when I would shoot, the camera would just stop and give me error code 30, I would take the battery i...

Canon EOS Rebel t4i won’t turn on

I recently just bought a Canon EOS rebel t4i and it won’t turn on whenever I put a memory card in it. I’ve made sure that the memory card is compatible and that it is closed and it still won’t turn on. What else can I do?

Canon eos m50 mark ii - pics get really dark

Hi!I hope someone can help me. I have had a canon eos m50 mark ii for almost a year and a half and never had any problems, but suddenly my pictures became completely dark. If I'm going to take pictures indoors, I have to set the ISO to between 3000-4...

mb7 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

R7 Unrecognized Cable Mount Installer

Shouldn't there be an installer already there that will mount it? No problem with all my other EOS cameras. OSX 12.6.3 Took card out of R7 put it in D53 and tried to download images. Would not. Do not have a cable for the R7 as I thought there would ...

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