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T2i Endless Sensor Cleaning

Hello, A few months back, I went to use my Canon T2i for the first time in a long time. The sensor cleaning icon appeared and the camera was unresponsive. After a considerable amount of time (10-15 minutes), the cleaning stopped, and I was able to ta...

black spot on the view finder

Dear all :I need your help .I am using Canon 70D. It's only 1 month old. I just recognise a black spot on the view finder. What is the problem? How to remove it. It that any problem? please let me know.Thanks in advancesincerelyAl Amin

card's write protect switch is set to lock

hello i have canon 600d /rebel t3i today i see my camera set error on LCD : card's write protect switch is set to lock thats not sd card problem ,cuz i test with 4 difrent sd card ,even i have this error ,without sd card .... please help me dude ,tha...

canon eos 6d: dark images

Hi, I was shooting in manual with my camera (canon eos 6d) and a friend was shooting the same subject at the same time on the same settings as me (iso, shutter speed and aperture), but her images appeared much brighter on her viewfinder - any ideas w...

Skye by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Sharpness of Moving Subjects Indoors

So I was a wedding photographer for years and shot square format using lots of different techniques both indoors and outdoors. The subject rarely moves unless dancing. So there was lots that can be done.   Now, I shoot a Mark4 and a Mark3 but mostly ...

mgrabow by Contributor
  • 10 replies

EOS 650D Continuous shooting issue

Hi all, I've registered to this community hoping that someone could help me around the continuous shooting on my Canon EOS 650D. The camera can only process 3 to 4 shots at 5 fps (as it should be), but right after that the burst rate slows down signi...

7D night baseball shooting

I have had my 7D for about 3 years and have only used it for day time shots of my boys baseball. I have great shots with it and my 70-200 2.8. I understand all the settings on bright sunny days and when it gets a little cloudy, my problem is night sh...

mrhoden2 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Canon 6D not turning on

I have been using my camera for less than a year without any problems. Today when I put my sd card in it just stopped working. I tried to reset it, and it worked fine until I put the card in. I thought there was a problem with the card until I tried ...

EOS Rebel SL1 factory settings

Hi I have an EOS Rebel SL1, and I can't figure out how to get my camera back to the factory settings. My friend had my camera for a while and "knew how to use it" so when I started to use it, all of my settings were different and it's causing my came...

Shadows in photos with Rebel T2i

Most of my indoor photos taken with my Rebel T2i have a shadow to the left of the subjects.   I took the same photo with my Powershot s120 and did not get a shadow and am so very frustrated.  I have tried with and without the hood and have ensured th...

drjulie77 by Contributor
  • 11 replies
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