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Canon rebel t5 display is blank

Hello! I have been using my camera (Canon Rebel T5) with no problem for the last week. However, today the LCD screen is not working. I tried moving a bit the rubber eyecup as I read in one discussion that it might block the display off sensor, but it...

Resolved! T5i firmware question

Hello everyone,My 700d (T5i) still has the original firmware 1.1.1. I see that the most recent version is 1.1.4. I have also found a 1.1.3 version, but not a version 1.1.2.Am I correct in assuming that I should not update 1.1.1 directly to 1.1.4 but ...

DS6041 CF card pin assembly part info needed

I have an older Rebel EOS DS6041.  The CF card pins are broken off.  I can't seem to find the part anywhere.  There are many assemblies for Rebels out there but they all specify differeent model cameras.  Does anyone know the canon PN for this or wha...

altvwb by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

Flash issues with me EOS

I set my camera on auto. Holding the camera still I take a picture.  Flash goes off. Picture is dark. Not like it did when I first bought it.I do not move the camera, take an othe rpicture. Flash goes off again. Still dark.Do it again till eventually...

jerryll by Contributor
  • 16 replies

Resolved! my EOS 70D don't shoot

My EOS 70 D won't take pictures at all. When I go to take a picture, it will act like it is focusing by flashing and such but it will never go through. It always says busy. I have tried all modes, and none will work not even without flash.I have also...

violetas by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

Dropped T4i - need help with next step

Dropped my T4i. Camera and all menus still works if I shoot in Live View Mode. When using viewfinder, pics underexposed by at least 3 stops. Removed battery. Reset all settings. Reformatted card. Tried different lens. Looking for advice on next steps...

KKeith by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

My Canon EOS Rebel XSi wont shoot.

Everything works except when I press down on the shutter button nothing happens.  It doesn't try to focus or make any kind of noise or anything.  I have tried taking out the card and putting it back also taking out the battery and putting it back. I ...

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