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Live view eos utility with off brand flash

I have a canon camera and I'm using off camera yonguou flashes. I want to use the eos utility for remote shooting with exposure set to no ambient light. for example shooting inside at f8 at 1/60 of a second. When I try to use love view of course the ...

Recording Video and using a sound board

Hi, I may be using my T3i to record about an hour of video. For the audio, there will be a sound board. How do I connect a sound board to the camera? Also, besides buying a class 10 SD card, are there any other tips? Is there anyway the camera will r...

stacyb40 by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

Resolved! EOS 5D Mark III (focusing and dark photos)

Hello, I have two questions - 1: When I choose Auto - The camera decides to choose randomly, whichever of the 61 auto focus points it selects and sometimes the photos are in focus and sometimes they are not.  How do I choose within Auto, how to speci...

650D self-timer's gone crazy!

Hi, I've had this problem for some time now. When I want to use a 10-second self-timer, the camera shoots photos by itself like crazy. It just started doing this out of nowhere. It doesn't even count 10 seconds, but takes photos one after another con...

No mirror lockup on the T6?

As I mentioned in another post, I'll be going out to the old graveyard this weekend and hope to spend some time in low light conditions taking some photos. I had assumed I would require the use of a tripod and long(er) exposures, as I plan to shoot a...

John_SD by Whiz
  • 8 replies

Black pictures on Canon EOS 400D

I recently bought this camera for very little on eBay because it was broken. I was able to replace the fuse and repair it but now when I take a picture it comes out black. In case you're wondering, yes I have the lens cover off. I have tried taking p...

bmwagner by Contributor
  • 7 replies

EOS Rebel T5 1200D

When I attempt taking a pic in AF, and with the preview screen on, my camera lens "shudders" and doesn't always take a pic.  What am I doing wrong?  

Chukkal by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

Canon EOS Rebel T6 wont focus

Ive just gotten my camera yesterday and it was working fine but today it will not focus and take pictures. Its set on AF and the green box, but it still wont focus and therfore not take pictures.

SofiaC by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

EOS T2i Video Mode Issue

When in video mode with my T2i that I just recieved from ebay, The video it shoots is extremely dim (were talking pitch black with a few highlights) with iso 100 in a fairly lit room. I have to crank it to iso 6400 to get any decent results which sho...

Canon Rebel T6 Exposure Bar Error

Hey, guys. Every time I use my camera on manual mode, I can't adjust my exposure bar [the bar that goes from -5 to +5 or whatever number it goes to] with the radial switch. All of my photos are underexposed. Any suggestions

T3i - Error 01 and other problems

Hi everyone, On the weekend I took my camera out shooting. When I went to turn it on the screen had no display. The camera would make a sound like it was focusing, would take a shot but nothing would come on the display. A day later the problem seems...

5D Mk4 images to sharp

I have a new 5D Mk4 and three new lenses: Canon 24-70, Canon 70-200 and Tamron 150-600 Gen 1. Images from the 24-70 look great, but the 70-200 is hit and miss, and the 150-600 is horrible. Could this be micro-adjustment for front or rear focus? Not e...

IDxII shortfalls.

The lack of Wi-Fi, HDR capability, a full touch LCD with automatic brightness control (as in the 5D series), short battery life and failure to reduce size and weight are disappointing. The card slots arrangement is strange, both cards fronts should h...

Edward by Enthusiast
  • 35 replies
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