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Canon 5DII RAW+jpeg does not download

When I select RAW+jpeg quality only 2 jpegs download. I am using PhotoShop Elements 7 and there has never been a problem until Canon Irvine updated the firmware. I don't in anyway blame the firmware update but what do I do now to get 1 RAW file and 1...

5dmark3 can't take a picture

I am new owner, so forgive any ignorance! Just got the camera and am trying to take photos. After I press the shutter button, the red light goes on as if it is saving the pictures to the memory card, but then it stays a constant red and even when I t...

sarahes by New Contributor
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Videos using a 5D Mark III

I am going to start doing some videos -- my first time -- using my 5D Mark III.  The videos will be of persons, typically seated, telling their extraordinary life story.  Since I want to optimize the quality of the sound and eliminate wires, I would ...

T3i -- only beeps -- started today....

I have had my T3i for just over a year. Conveniently, my warranty expired on 7/10/2013. I've never really had a problem with it. A couple times during this year, it would stop taking pictures. But turning it off for a bit and turning it back on solve...