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Can't download images to a network drive

EOS Rebel T2i directly connected to a PC running Windows XP. The PC shows it is connected to the camera as well as our network drive. The preferences are set to download each picture taken to the network drive. This has been the case for a couple of ...

helpdesk by Contributor
  • 16 replies

Brand new Rebel T6 problems

I was so enthusiastic to open my new 'full-size' Canon camera after using a small point and shoot for over a decade, only to find that it would not read the flash card that came with the camera bundle on Amazon.  The card is a Sandisk 32gb SDHC Class...

Uploading Raw Images to convert

Hey All,I am completely new at this and shot about 400 photos in RAW for my nieces birthday party and I just found out RAW images wont upload?Any way I can go around this? If I take it to a photo place with my SD or cable will they be able to print? ...

Resolved! Autofocus failure

I have a Rebel XSi with 18-55 mm lens. The autofocus seems to be broken. When I try to shoot, the AF point lights up and the focus confirmation light blinks, indicating that focus cannot be achieved. Most of the time the focus ring does not turn when...

bryan5b by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

Can't get my camera to focus

Hi y'all,. I'm new to photoboothing and I can't figure out what setting I put my Canon Rebel T5 on so that everyone stays in focus and don't come out blurry. Can someone please give me some pointers ?

Resolved! flashing autofocus point

I don't understand why I all the time got a flashing point beside the focuspoint I'm using. When I move my focuspoint, the other flashing point keeps the same positition. Just flashing. How do I turn this off. I don't know what It's good for.  My cam...

mikkidk by Contributor
  • 6 replies

6D Mark II - AI Bounce error message

Hi guys,I recently purchased the Canon 6D Mark II.Whenever I try to use my Godox TT658c flash on the camera or off camera with the X1 transmitter I get an AI Bounce warning on the LCD screen. I cannot change any settings as long as this warning is di...

kurtl by Apprentice
  • 11 replies

7D with incorrect Mode Dial readings

I recently updated the firmware on my 7D to 2.0.6, and discovered on a recent shoot that I had lost the ability to do anything in Manual.  Upon closer inspection, it now looks like I have lost the ability to select "Creative Auto", Aperature Priotrit...

satmike by Apprentice
  • 7 replies
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