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M50 Streaming Help


Hey everyone, I'm new here and looking for help. Over the past 6 months I've been trying to get my Canon M50 to work as a webcam for streaming and meetings on my Mac, but nothing seems to work. I'm kind of at my wits end. Anyone here think they could help me get things set-up and running?


Here's some of the things I've tried, but with no success:

  • Elgato CamLink: Gets no signal from the camera, nothing shows up.

  • Elgato Capture Card: tried this as an alternative, same result as the camLink.

  • Camera Live: tried builds 9, 11, 13; camera is recognized, but nothing seems to happen.

  • CamTwist: set the source to syphon, checked syphon server, but nothing appears.

  • Canon Utility: Instacrashes nearly every time, but when I get a stable instance running the Live View is a big, grey square.

  • OBS: added a video source with CamLink, Capture Card, and CamTwist, only nothing works. CamTwist renders as a black, empty square. Elgato solutions are blank as well.

  • Streamlabs: same issues as OBS


  • Canon M50, (2019)
  • Macbook Pro (2019)
  • Mac OS: Catalina 10.15.4



  • I'm using USB micro 2.0 for data transfer, as well as micro HDMI for the camlink.

  • Same results as above wether I connect through my CalDigit hub or directly to my mac.

  • I've bought several batches of cables, thinking maybe that's the problem. It's not.

M50 Camera:

  • I noticed the camera screen stays on when connected, but for other people the screen goes black with a computer graphic.

  • I've tried adjusting settings to video, manual, and aperture priority. Nothing works.


  • I've tried this on two different 2019 Macs, both with similar results.

  • I've swapped out all devices (twice) and cables, except for my camera.


  • Is there something I'm not doing correctly?

  • Are there alternatives I should check out?

  • Is my camera just broken?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hey there I have an m50 use it for streaming regularly. You don’t need to use the HDMI out. Just use your USB out to your Mac. Make sure WiFi is turned off on the cam. I use it in video mode and have it on SERVO AF setting. That gives you autofocus. I prefer and use ecamm live over OBS and it is so stable. Ecamm live has a pretty solid “setting up the ‘m50” page that even if you don’t use ecamm - it will help. Also if still not working, make sure your usb cable is a tethering Data cable not just a power cable. I’ve not had that problem but heard about it. And BTW m50 is NOT a DSLR or SLR - it is a MIRRORLESS camera... I have Had no luck with canon software .. I deleted it all off my Mac... Ecamm works for me so that’s what I use and there are a bunch of great videos on ecamm ... happy to help further ... gotta jump but I’ll be live on at 8pmCT using the m50 if you want to tune in to see it in action... Cary Pierce