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Videorecording Canon 70D - extern Audiocontrol?


Hi friends,

has anyone found a solution with recording a video on 70D and immediatly controlling the audio ? also with 
playing it after reocording with sound?

I can control the sound after recording because my external monitor has an earphon unit.
But I want to control the sound while recording. Couldnt find a solution yet.

What annoys me as well is that I cannot control the Mode Dial in the dark.  A lightened Dial would be great.

Thanks for givin me attention




Do you mean like this:


Thank you so much for your answer. I know the possibilities the cam gives me, but to get a good quality it is necessary to LISTEN while recording. Also the wind filter doesnt help, if I recognize after the recording that there is too much wind noise. 
I need a way to control during the recording process. But thank you for spending your time for me.  greetings,  Rudolf

If you are filming outdoors, it is probably best to use an external microphone with a wind screen, also known as a "dead cat".

"The right mouse button is your friend."

The earphone should work while recording. The camera does turn off the sound when you are recording without headphones to prevent feedback.


Edited to add:

My bad, there is no headphone jack on the 70D. They only way to monitor is to use an external microphone into a mixer and monitor that.

Thank you very much. I use the Tascam DR 60D as premixer, but I though there could be a smaler posssibility. I want to care as less as possible with me, because I do a lot of interviews so I prefer as less weigth as possible when I move.