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Did I ruin my mirror?

Okay, so the mirror to my Canon 6D was dirty with a bit of grease (from my finger) and dust that couldn't be blown off so I tried cleaning it with a Rosco microfiber lens cloth which looked like it worked but under closer inspection left sort of an u...

please help me

 please helpe me, my cam EOS 1100D when i put my sd card , on the creen is written the following card's write proctet switch is set to lockbut my card is not locked

I Can't On My EOS 70D

I can't seem to on my Canon EOS 70D after transferring photos from my dslr to my computer yesterday using a USB cable. Tried with 3 different and charged batteries, googled solutions online and followed some steps like rebooting but still to no avail...

ssyl by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Auto Focus on 60D seems to be fading

i just got a 60D and it seems like the auto focus mode keeps clicking in and out. i tried cleaning the contacts and i at least got it to come on and work but it fades in and out. it that something that can be fixed? 

vorce9 by Apprentice
  • 3 replies
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