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T3i sharpness and diopter

I have a T3i. When I set the diopter so that the autofocus ‘squares’ are sharp (-2 notches from center,on the wheel for me) my pictures are blurry. When I adjust the diopter to +5 “notches” on the wheel, the squares are blurry, but when I focus to th...

GWK by Contributor
  • 15 replies

My Rebel T5 auto focus issues....

I cannot take pictures when it is in AF. When it is in MF, the pictures are blurry when I zoom in. This is a recent issue. It was working fine the last time I used it. I was deleting pictures and I figured I must have hit a wrong button and messed so...

cshap1 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Upgrading, any recommendations?

So, I've been using my little entry-level 450d now for the last 9 years. I prefered to just invest in lenses rather than new bodies and thus far it has served me well. However, I'm really starting to notice it struggle recently; had some auto focus i...

My Computer isn't Recognizing my Camera

I have a Canon Rebel t5i, and when I connect it to my mac it doesn't recognize it. It's like I'm connecting nothing to my computer. This problem happened a few times before, but has always seemed to fix itself before this. I've tried restarting my co...

grisgin by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Camera not recognixed by computer

My EOS 70D is recognized immediately by my laptop, but after years of working fine with different versions of Windows it is no longer recognized by my desktop. The camera is listed among the devices, where it says that there is a driver problem. Trou...

Follow focus inaccuracies

So I got a follow focus with hard stop markers for my Canon 70D using the kit 18-135 lens.   I noticed that when I set the hard stops at the place they need to be for my two focus points to be in focus, the focus has changed and the hard stops are no...

Resolved! manual mode

I own a 5D MK IV and I'm baffled at what I am seeing. In manual mode, for example, if I try to set the exposure beyond three stops either above or below "standard exposure" the camera will not make the exposure. There is simply no response when the s...

Canon Camera Connect smooth manual focus

Hello, Is it possible to smoothly manual focus in Canon Camera Connect app with Servo AF off?With the buttons <<< << < | > >> >>>, it's very steppy, and to do something smooth I need to press very fast on these buttons.Is there a way to slide with a ...

Lens error on Rebel T6

I am able to take a few pictures and then keep getting error the camera can't recognize lens. I have cleaned it still times. Will take a few more pictures and then get the error again. What could be causing this to happen?

jamm004 by Apprentice
  • 8 replies

Resolved! EOS 5d4 "busy", burst speed very low

My new Eos 5d mk 4 has great burst speed in auto mode, but in any other mode it is extremely slow...like, 5 seconds per frame.  The dispay shows "busy" and the shots remaining indicator blinks.  Tried it in program and manual modes, with three differ...

cputnam by Apprentice
  • 2 replies
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