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Canon 90D Lens Issues


I recently purchased a 90D to replace by 60D. I've been using a Sigma 105mm lens with my 60D for years without issues, however when I attach the 105mm lens to the 90D, the camera thinks the lens is 24mm. When I'm in flash mode, there's an option to select the 105mm option, but I can't override the camera settings of 24mm to 105mm. Seems like a bug, but you can't actuall get Canon to do anything about it. The answer from Canon is "Too bad. Buy a Canon lens". There has to be a way to submit a bug report to Canon to fix this issue. I don't think Canon pays much attention to this forum. Any suggestions? 



It is not Canon's responsibiity to get a Sigma lens to work. Contact Sigma and see if they have a firmware update for the lens to allow it to work with the 90D.

What a poor (jerky) comment. If the lens works with my other cameras, 5DM4. 1D, and 60D, then the issue it the 90D.

kv is correct,


Sigma (and other third party makers) reverse engineer the Canon interface but this often results in older lenses not working with newer bodies. 


Canon (and other major camera producers) isn't going to design new bodies with respect to ensuring that older third party lenses will work.  Canon ensures that their older EF mount lenses will work with new Canon bodies but they aren't going to design around what Sigma, Tamron, etc. did years ago.  I have a Sigma 50mm f1.4 "Art" that is my only non-Canon lens and it works great but if it doesn't work with a future Canon body I won't be surprised or upset because that is part of the risk of buying aftermarket.


Sigma MIGHT be able to help you get their lens to work with a newer body but Canon isn't going to redesign firmware to work with a Sigma lens.  That is the responsibility of the third party seller.  And this is my view as the holder of a doctorate in business and a business consultant, not just as a Canon owner and user.



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Jerky or not, its the truth. Canon is perfectly within its rights to change the lens communication on different cameras, as long as it stays compatible with its own lenses. Sigma is the one who has to make its lenses compatible with all Canon Cameras.

It's this kind of short sightedness by companies and the fools that buy into it that hurts their market. I understand Canon wants to control their market place, but they are losing ground to their competitors.

Control their marketplace...


No I think what you meant to say is guarantee consistent performance and (to some degree) reliable results...  as much as possible.


You're slipping into a deep hole hole now.  


How about you invest your life savings into stocks and pay me the dividents...  whats in that for you?  Same applies to Canon expending  its resources into development and support of product they don't make, sell or benefit from.  They don't get paid when sigma sells a lens.  Thats not flawed logic.  It makes perfect business sense.  

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The reality is, Canon hasn't done a great job with recent camera releases. The first 5DM4 I purchases had to be sent back for repairs because of an issue with the sensor. An issue, BTW, Canon was well aware of and sold them into the market anyway. Do you have one? The R5 release has overheating issues that Canon is struggling to resolve. The latest firmware for the R6 was so bad, Canon pulled it. Canon has quitely outsources some of it critical technology to save money and has discovered this is not working well for them. 


I understand the 3rd party lenses manufacturer has to make sure the lens works with the camera. But I'll be money Canon is aware there's a bug in their 90D firmware that is impacting their own lenses and is hoping people are too bought into the Canon mindset to say or do too much about it. Firmware Release 1.1.2 will probably fix my issue if I decide to keep the camera.



If you're having an issue with any Canon lens on your EOS 90D, please feel free to reach out to our support team so they can look into this with you, as we're not aware of any "bugs." You'll find all methods of support available to you from within your My Canon Account at


You'll find all product advisories for the EOS 90D on THIS page.



I did yesterday and the answer was. "That's too bad. Can't help you."