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DPP and IPTC info

I am wanting to use Adobe Bridge to import images from a card-reader because I can add IMPC info to the metadata, it creates a sidecar .xmp file.  BUT when I convert my file from CR2 to TIF using DPP it strips away the stuff I've added manually.  Len...

AaronD by Enthusiast
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DPP on multi core CPU

HiThis is my first post, so may be a bit ragged:I'm using a Canon 60D with a Microscope objective and Stackshot rail to do focus stacking. I frequently end up with 100 or more CR2 files to be converted to JPEG and this takes about 25 minutes on my cu...

cjjthomp by Contributor
  • 17 replies

Resolved! Settings for JPEG

Does anyone know if there is a way to change the cameras default jpeg settings. I am wanting to change the compression and DPI settings if at all possible. If not it is not a big issue due to the fact that I shoot in RAW+JPEG  so I could always load ...

5D4 versus 6D and lens

Hi folks. New member with the inevitable gear question - sorry! I am an avid enthusiast with some semi-pro (sports) experience many years ago. I now shoot for myself and family but still like to shoot club-level motor sports such as hillclimbs and mo...

Steves_8 by Contributor
  • 19 replies

Shooting RAW

I’ve heard it’s better and really gives you more to work with in post.I haven’t tried and I honestly don’t even know how. Is it possible with my T5? If so, how do I do this?Thanks

Joak by Contributor
  • 24 replies

Resolved! 1DX Mk II firmware 1.1.6

I'm still running version 1.0.0.  Has anyone uploaded the new firmware?  From the details provided, it's improvements appear limited while the drawbacks appear constricting: Fixes a phenomenon in which the camera may not function normally when images...

70D frames per second

I've noticed when setting my 70D to shoot at its full speed 7 fps that I don't always get that frame rate constantly. The frame rate seems to vary depending on which lens I have fitted and also when the shot is under expsosing. EG on shutter priority...

uprising by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Canon 6D images way too dark in TV mode

When taking lacrosse and football photos, I prefer to set Canon 6D to TV mode using 1/500 or 1/640 with appropriate ISO for time of day or night. In the Spring in late afternoon / early evening games.  After having no problems for say first 100 photo...

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