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5d mark2 live shooting

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I have a 5d mark 2 and i used to work the usb live shooting but i have destroyed the usb


so i bought  the i WFT-E4 IIA Wireless File Transmitter but it is very slow on photo transferring cause it provides only RAW. Is there an option to transfer them via RAW but allow me to shoot photos, cause if i shoot to many photos it stopes. 
Can i connect the usb with the i WFT-E4 IIA Wireless File Transmitter  for live shooting?
If not can i use an ethernet wire poimt to point with the pc for live shooting and quicker transfer ?
Thank you in advance


I recommend upgrading the camera.  You might still be able to get the 5D2 repaired by Canon Service.  But, think you're probably better off investing in one of the newer cameras that incorporates Bluetooth.


Yes, I believe that you can use the Ethernet port to hard wire to a LAN, which is the real purpose of the accessory.  Wireless files transfers over Wi-Fi always seem to be slower than copper connections when it comes to older DSLRs.  


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