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Issue - Canon M6 Mk1 Shutter Speed and Digital Magnification Change Automatically

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For over a year I have been putting up with my M6 overriding my desired shutter speed. It will immediately revert back to a slower shutter speed after turning the shutter speed dial, in Manual Mode. It will also adjust the shutter speed between shots with the result being over exposed images, and missed photographs.

The other issue I have noticed is the magnification option to focus will cycle through as if I was pressing a button while holding the camera and trying to get the shot I want - this issue is intermittent. I am not pressing any button while doing this.

Thank you for your help.


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Are you using flash? If so, sounds like you are dealing with the maximum sync speed at which point you'd need to enable the option for high-speed sync.


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In these cases, the first thing we recommend is factory resetting the camera.



Edit..  posted at the same time as Ricky....  

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Thank you for your replies.

I am not using a flash.

I will do a factor reset and report back.

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Ive reset the camera and the issue persists. Im using an original 15-45mm EF-M. Neither camera nor lens have ever been dropped.

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After looking around a little more for an answer, and doing some testing, ive found an answer. It looks like there is a hardware design issue with the shutter button dial that is causing the issue.

Mine is not this bad but the video does give an exanple of what I experience.

This is my first camera and I had only had it for a year when I started noticing the issue. Feeling a little disappointed.