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Problem with the shutter button canon 700d

Hello there i hope to help its my first time to buy a camera so i have lack in the information to solve my problem so the shutter button do the focus thing and never captur a photo i dont know why ??!!! I only can take aphoto. From the lcd monitor ( ...

Ola888 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

t6s cannot connect to home wifi router

Can anyone help. I am trying to get my new Canon EOS Rebel T6s to connect to home network. I select view images on DNLA devices; click on find network; camera detects network, I then select network and enter connection. The camera responds with (EOS-...

Hans82 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Canon Rebel T5i Audio Settings

Thanks for taking the time to reply. Smiley Happy On my camera, when in video mode (the one after "on" on the main body of the camera, then with the exposure set to "automatic"), when I hit the menu button I get a screen that shows 8 little icons alo...

My next camera

So I've been using my 1100D since February 2015, and now I'm looking for my next DSLR. I only use Manual Mode, so is there a camera similar to the 5D Mark III, but at a much lower price ?Any suggestions will be helpful

Canon Rebel locks up,

 Hey guys! This is my first post so let me start off by saying, greetings! But now to the meat. I have a Canon Rebel t3. a few days ago something really weird happened. I hope maybe somebody had a similar experience, and figured it out. Ok, whenever ...

Mindhack by Contributor
  • 14 replies
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