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Canon EOS Ra

Contrary to those who said Canon would never market another camera built for astrophotography, the Ra is built for just that purpose. What amazes me is that Canon did not provide an intervalometer in the camera menu options like the 6D2 and other cam...

80D Repair

An update. Here is the original post. ‎03-09-2019 02:17 AM - edited ‎03-09-2019 02:17 AMHello, I purchased an 80D kit in Costco in 06/2017. Recently, my camera started turning on and off by itself and was obviously unusable. I updated the firmware an...

igmonster by Contributor
  • 10 replies

Resolved! Computer does not recognize GPS GP-E2

Santa brought me a GP-E2 gps unit. I use it with my Canon 80D, and it sends information properly to EXIF, both when mounted in the hotshoe, and also if I connect via cable to the 80D mini-USB port. But it the Canon software (GPS Log file utility, or ...

T7i Time lapse - Minimum shutter speed

Hi,I’m looking for a way to get buttery motion blur time lapses on my T7i, but there is no way to do it through photo mode (no interval timer) and through the « Time lapse movie » mode under video, it won’t let me set the shutter speed any lower than...

cybust by Apprentice
  • 9 replies

5D Mark II upgrade from Rebel SL1

Hi! I purchased my first DSLR 2 years ago, a Canon Rebel SL1. With time and trial and error, I have come to learn the camera and improve my photography. I am predominantly a landscape/travel photographer. I am petite so the camera fits my hands well....

70D AF not always focused

I’ve used this camera for 6 years. I know how to use it and what settings equal a sharp and clear photo. I replaced my lens, thinking my lens was broken, but I’m having the same issues with a brand new lens.I will take a photo, it’ll look in focus. A...

Resolved! New Camera

Any one ever order from Abes of Maine ? Wantig a 7 DII . I have alwas used Adaroma or B&H. Why is there no deals on the 7DII ?

ifly2 by Contributor
  • 11 replies

Resolved! EOS R focus confirming Beep!

Have a question on my new EOS R, I can not get the auto focus confirmation beep to work.  When I enable Beep, in the menu all that happens is the touch screen makes noise but no focus beep.  The camera is in One Shot mode and not Servo.  I do get the...

jalex by Contributor
  • 2 replies

Canon 70D corrupt picture issues

Hi, I'm having an issue that every time I take a pic with my 70D it corrupts the picture after its been viewed on the display of the camera. I never had this issue before but this actually happened after I have linked the camera to the Canon remote a...


Help I just bought a 7d from my son who only used it to video so he’s not much help in what I want to use it for ... I want to take pictures of barrel racing ... what lenses should I be looking to buy or Do I even need to buy one ... until spring eve...

Resolved! 80D manual focus while in Autofocus, turn off

I just purchased an 80D and am loving it.  Ive noticed even if the cmera is in autofocus the manual focus ring still works (18-135 EFS USM Lens) Im afaid my big fingers will change focus, or by mistaking the focus ring instead of the zoom ring... I a...

jalex by Contributor
  • 6 replies

EOS M3 doesn’t turn on

Hello, I am really frustrated as 1 year ago, at turning my EOS M3 on, on the screen just appeared horizontal lines, so i couldn’t focus and see nothing except this pixel lines. Just now I have the time to check it and try to sort the problem...but no...

Ktzl by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Resolved! New user needs help!

All my photos are coming out underexposed. The settings are 400 ISO, F5.0, 1/60. All of the pictures are almost completely black. It comes out bright if I put my ISO at 3200, but it's super noisy, or my shutter speed at 2", but it's super blurry. Put...

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