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6d: Cannot Access Card

I turned on my camera this morning and received this error: "Card cannot be access reinsert/change the card or format card with camera.".  I cannot format a card either.  I tried all the SD cards i own and I get thesame error.  I can access a card wi...

daviswh by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Canon 70D shutter count missing

Hello guys, i am here because i asked almost everywhere for a solution. nothing helped. i turned my canon 70d on after sitting in the bag for a week with a battery grip. the camera turned on but the shutter count or possible shots section is empty. n...

RC-6 remote

I like the RC-6 remote I bought for my 60D several years ago. Now having both the 60D and an 80D, I wanted a remote to carry with the 80D so that I didn't need to keep switching back and forth. I now have bought two more RC-6 remotes. Neither of them...

General software

Perhaps I am being a little slow but is there a general software package that I could load and see if my Firmware or other stuff is up to date on my 70D? I cannot find such a package in the material that came with the camera.

peterl by Contributor
  • 2 replies

Camera or External Mic Issue?

Hi Guys. I have a serious issue with my camera, I don't know what is causing it but here's the problem :My external mic gets disabled sometimes and randomly, I formatted my SD Card using the Camera and plugin everything in basic manner. I have a stra...

Resolved! Af successful in only certain conditions

Hi! I am a novice at photography. I bought a used rebel t3i with the stock lens on it (18-55). I believe it's the stm version. It was working fine but know I have a problem. The autofocus only works when it has to turn counterclockwise. If it has to ...

High speed sync at 1/160 ?

 Shooting with 6d and 600ex rt I like to use little bit of fill light when there's a bad light outdoors and since i dont want to compromise dof I do it in high speed sync mode with fast shutter and low dof. When the action switches to indoors I allwa...

MariusK by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Worried i damaged something.. help

I have a 7d mark ii.. i saw a spot when i looked through viewfinder so i opened the camera and blew into it once and very briefly into the interior of the camera, fogged up a little for a split second then cleared up. Figured not a good idea. Then i ...

beginner photographer please help...

I recently bought an entry level camera, Canon Rebel T6 EF-S 18-55 IS II Kit. Im slowly learning on my own more about the camera and its settings, but one of the main reasons i wanted to start this photograpy journey was to do some Astrophotography (...

Ready for a curveball???

I was shooting a home using my 7D Mark II with a 10-18 EF-S lens. The Realtor wanted me to take shots (rather than scan) the home's floorplan. I switched my camera from my C1 settings to Auto and proceeded to shoot 4-6 shots. No flash, nothing fancy,...

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
iherbst by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Canon Camera for Wildlife

I would like to take pictures of eagles, alligators, wildcats, and other things.   What would be a good camera on the budget end of the scale and lens to have some nice pictures?   I also would like to see Saturn's Rings and Jupiter's moons. Thanks f...

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