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Histogram/Level in Viewfinder EOS R

New Contributor

Is there a way to only have the Histogram display in the viewfinder. 

I have figured out how to turned off the level on the Display and only have the Histogram but I can't seem to duplicate the same in the Viewfinder. I toggle the info button, but can't figure out how to not see the Level  if I only want the Histogram to display. It makes for a very busy viewfinder with both displaying, and I rarely need to use the Level function.

Can anyone point me to how I can accomplish this?



New Contributor

No need to respond, I figured it out the old fashioned way, dug out the user manual

Respected Contributor
Good move. The user manual should be the first port of call for any issues about camera configuration - I wish a lot more people asking questions would discover that too! {:-)
cheers Trevor

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