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Resolved! T6i Wifi is Pulling my Hair Out

Hi guys/gals.  I've had this camera about a year and now want to use the wifi function.  I've read, watched videos and I cannot connect.  I do get the blue wifi enable LED flashing bur cannot connect to my network.  It's asking for a password and the...

Canon 80D Repair

Previously posted about this. Purchased an 80D at Costco in June of 2017 w/ an 18-55mm and 55-250mm lens. Camera died in March of 2019. Sent it in for repair. They replaced the PCB ASS'Y, MAIN W/LI BATT and the repair cost me $398. 3 months after the...

Canon eos rebelt t7i won’t turn on

My canon t7i won’t power on even though the battery is  charged and has it’s memory card in it. The little light at the bottom flashes red as soon as i close the battery door/latch but when i swith the camera on it wont turn on can someone help me pl...

Films by Apprentice
  • 9 replies

T7i half pic is a random color

I’m new to photography and could really use some help. My T7i takes great pics most of the time. However, sometimes when I take a picture some or all of the picture is a random solid color. It happens using the view finder and the digital screen. I’v...

EOS 60 D

I bought this camera  in Dubai ,UAE in 2010. I am using  it not very regularly. I have a flash which is Sigma EF-530DGST. Recently I used the flash on my EOS 60 D and  I saw a comment on the LCD screen when I selected External flash function setting ...

1DX Mark II - photos only half exposed

I have been mentoring a friend with his 1DX Mark II and lately he has been sending me photos that are only 1/2 exposed. The top half is exposed normally, but the bottom half or so is either dark gray, light gray, or black - or appears to be very unde...

A12Y1514 Reduced.jpg
mmcnel09 by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

Resolved! T5i long exposure processing time

Hi all, new to the forums. I have a t5i with latest firmware.  I do a lot of time exposures at night. It seems that the processing time for the exposure is the same as the exposure time. IE, it takes 60 seconds to process a 60 second exposure. I have...

Canon EOS R!!!

I would like to get peoples opinion about getting the Canon EOS R. I want to upgrade my camera to mirrorless and think the new RF Lens from canon look amazing plus would be a good investment for the future.I normal take landscape and travel pictures ...

700d EOS Flash makes picture dark HELP!!

Hi!  I have a problem with my 700D Canon EOS. My Flash does pop up and flash, but when I use it my picture gets dark like my flash isn’t working while I take pictures. My flash does light up when I take pictures, but my pictures doesn’t lights upI ha...

Lamanda2 by Contributor
  • 7 replies
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