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EOS 400D not connecting to Chromebook

Hey everyone! I am trying to transfer my photos onto an external drive, but I can't get my chromebook to recognize the camera when it is plugged in. Can anyone help me out? The camera has a CF card, so there is no way to connect it other than using a...

jdorrell by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

Canon 77D videos look different

Hey people,I have a Canon 77D but when i record videos or take pictures of anything they always look different, they never look the same as what i actually see with my eyes. The videos look perfect in the live view finder but when the camera done rec...

Tech1Tv by Contributor
  • 14 replies

Red Focus Squares

New to the community - I look forward to learning about my new cameraI have the Canon T6i - When viewing my pictures during playback on my screen, I now have the red focus squares that are showing on my pictures.  Because I have been playing around w...

tskip by Apprentice
  • 11 replies

Remote Control

I'm having a hard time putting my camera in remote control mode I have a Canon eos rebel t6. Can someone walk me through it?  

bbb222 by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Canon EOS Rebel T5 settings

I use my camera to shoot a lot of my sons football games and started out using the sports mode and I did get some good shots but when it came to the important one my pictures are blurry and out of focus. I have researched and tried other settings and...

Raelene1 by Contributor
  • 20 replies

Concert photography help

Ive just recently gotten into concert photography and my first lens was a nifty fifty because Im usually up close. I brought my camera with me this weekend to try from far away, but ill let the picture explain itself. But what am I doing wrong or is ...

cropped.jpg 132A1285-4.jpg

Resolved! Cannot format my sd card Canon Rebel sL1

I need help. I have a brand new ScanDisk ULTRA 64 GB sd card. I have looked up many forums and YouTube videos and tried everything but still get the message "Cannot format; change card". Please does anyone have any tips or tricks? Do I need to get a ...

JJCamille by Contributor
  • 24 replies

Location information with EOS M10

I have been trying to send location information to my new EOS M10 using the Camera Connect app on my Samsung Galaxy but get an error along the lines "not available for this camera". I would appreciate feedback - hopefully this this is not a limitatio...

M50 combines video files??

After returning from a long hike, I noticed that my SD card had several individual files that were made up of seperate video segments that were hours apart.  Is the camera combining files?  Each segment  was seperated by a audible shutter wav and a m...

80D wi fi functions missing

When I attempt to link my 80D to my new iphone 11, I take the same steps as I did in my old phone, which worked just fine. Now, there are two issues, when I attempt to log into the Canon wifi, it asks for a password, the encryption is only 3 letters ...

Picture Styles

I don't understand Picture Styles.  The contrast, saturation, and color are all 0, all styles.  But the sharpness settings change from one style to another.   I read that Standard has more sharpening than Faithful, 3 and 0 respectively.  This makes s...

AaronD by Enthusiast
  • 19 replies
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