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Is the IBS on/off status a per-lens setting?


I have an R6, but should be the same for the R5. Is the image stabilization menu setting (on/off) set on a "per-lens" basis? i.e. if you swap to a brand new lens, do you have to re-enable IBS just for that lens? I've been renting a few lenses recently, and I've had the IBS mysteriously get set to off several times. I'm wondering if it's something where I need to consciously go in and enable it for each lens to be safe.             My Insite Schedule



Hi and welcome to the forum:

I have the R5 and R6 units.  My understanding and, so far, experience, is that the IBIS works interactively with some lenses and not others.   IBIS, once activated, should stay on if it is appropriate to do so for the lens.

There is an interesting article from Canon Magazine on the subject HERE that you may find interesting, along with an article on EF lenses with R-series bodies HERE .

Finally, an article from Canon's Knowledge Base HERE 

cheers, TREVOR

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Interesting reply, Trevor. However, I appreciate the three links you provide. Will view them and see about the Canon Magazine. One can never have too much information.

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Hey there, Joseph! 

It can be a bit complicated, especially if you're dealing with lenses that don't have a stabilization switch. With lenses that have no switch, the IBIS will be on or off based on your last setting. If I remember correctly though if you haven't changed the setting, it will be on by default, and you will have to manually turn it off in settings if you don't want or need it. If you save a custom setting that has it disabled, it will stay off when you turn the camera off and back on as long as you save the custom setting with it off. A lens with a physical stabilization on/off switch will always override this, whether it's third party or native.

In that case, it's all or nothing the lens switch controls both the IBIS unit and the lens stabilization. If you'd like to use only the ibis, you can do so by using a dummy canon ef-rf adapter, but you will have to input your focal length in the settings manually, and you can only focus the lens if it is mechanically focused - focus by wire lenses will not be able to change focus with a dummy adapter. Most older ef lenses do have mechanical focus mechanisms, though. 

The mysterious disabling is perhaps because the lens switch was set to off, perhaps? Or if they are not stabilized, could it be because you have the IBIS set to off in a custom mode?

I always have 2 custom modes that are identical, except one has IBIS on, and the other has it off. That way, I don't have to fiddle with the menus to turn them on and off. 

I hope that helps! I'd be happy to comment on any other questions you might have as well!