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Dummy battery for canon m200

Okay so I got my camera working with the software and decided I wanted to get a dummy battery to avoid having battery run out when I am in the middle of teaching. But it seems Canon discontinued the kit that contains both the ac converter and the dum...

Stripe at the bottom of my M50 videos

Hey guys, Having a bit of a weird problem with my brand new EOS M50. Some of the videos seem to have this weird subtle white stripe going horizontally across near the bottom of the screen. So far I've seen it in footage with the kit lens and the sigm...

70D Image Issue

Today while taking photos of a B-2 flyover I noticed that a few of my images turned out completely black. I looked into it more tonight and I noticed that if my shutter is 1/2000 or faster the first image I take is completely black. If I hold the shu...

EOS R with Dragonframe Stop-motion upgrade

I got an email today for the offer to update my R with stop-motion capabilities with Dragonframe. I want to verify if I have this upgrade done by Canon, will the HDMI output of the camera be completely unusable? Or is it still usable if I'm in video ...

Davideo by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Canon 5D Mark IV Crop Issue

I recently used my Mark IV for a video shoot, and when I switched from HD to 4K, I did not see any crop on my screen. I was worried something was wrong, but when I checked the footage on my laptop, the settings confirmed it was 4K. I am definitely ha...

Camera won’t focus or take picture

I have a rebel t6.  Yesterday I used it take pictures in manual and portrait mode outside.  It worked fine.  An hour later I went to take pictures with the same lense without changing any settings and it wouldn’t take a picture.  It will take a pictu...

Schoonie by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

New to Forum - Interesting question

I had been using a Rebel XS for many years and just recently bought a T7.  I have a ProMaster 200ST-R speedlight that was working well on the XS.   When I put it on the T7 and have the same Manual settings, I get one flash off camera and then it does...

bandana by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

5D Classic always low battery

I have a early production 5D Classic (original owner), and the battery display always shows low battery, even thought the battery is fully charged and can be used for many hours. Sometimes it shows up as fully charged, sometimes it shows up as low ba...

werdn by Apprentice
  • 10 replies

90d Interval timer

Been using my 90d for some time and like most of the tools built into the camera. Started to get into timelapse creation and noticed quite a bit of difference between the movie mode timelapse creation and the interval timer in normal shooting mode. N...

youout by Apprentice
  • 4 replies
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