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Canon T7 Video Has Too Much Visual Noise


I make YouTube videos for my channel, Train Guru, and have used my Canon T7 since August 2021. I am still trying to learn how to properly shoot video, which seems to be my kryptonite. Although I can shoot fantastic photos.

The main issue is that when I am shooting in daylight, there is still a noticeable amount of visual noise in the video. Even when I put my camera into Auto Shooting mode, the noise persists even after having the ISO at 100 and adjusting the shutter speed and F stop.

Does anyone know how to fix it?

Regards, Luke



Generally the answer is more light. ISO 100 might be the issue, since it makes the camera less sensitive to light. 400 - 800 might be better.

Go outside and shoot some video in fully automatic mode on a sunny day. Does that look better?

Auto is a little finicky for me as it'll sometimes work fine, and other times where Manual Mode will work better. It does depend on the day. Mid-afternoon or early morning works best on Auto, manual works best on later parts of the day or an area lacking light. If you are curious about my YouTube Channel, here's a link;


Do you have examples? Preferably a still frame of the original video as opposed to a link to YouTube since YouTube will agressively compress things.

All video will have a certain amount of noise.  As mentioned earlier, having proper light will help the most.   Note that equipment can also play a significant role too.   Larger sensors (especially dual gain ones), better processors, can significantly reduce noise.


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Thanks for the suggestions, I did manage to tweak my settings to where the lighting in the mid-afternoon would work just fine. If you are curious about YouTube Channel, here's a link: