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[Troubleshooting] SL2 kit lens drains battery when body is turned off


Just snagged a second hand SL2 with the standard 18-55mm STM kit lens. Shoots great, no complaints. However, I’ve discovered that even when it’s turned off, the lens pulses in and out of focus a few times a second, draining the battery at a pretty speedy clip. Has anybody else experienced anything like this? Is it a lens problem, or a camera problem? Again, the lens works just fine when the camera itself is on, it just seems to be running the focus motor constantly when it’s turned off. What’s the deal?



Sounds like there is a problem with the power switch. You could try resetting the camera through the menu. 

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Have you tried removing and reinstalling the lens?  That action would wipe the lens and camera contacts in case that is causing the issue.

Agree with John.  Sounds like you could have snagged someone else's problem.  Lets hope a settings reset helps.  You'll want to do this anyway as you never know what settings the previous owner might have made.  

I'd also grab a copy of the camera's manual and become familiar with its operation.  The SL2 is a compact entry level DSLR known for its useability with smaller hands.   

Canon Support for EOS Rebel SL2 | Canon U.S.A., Inc.

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Download a PDF copy of the full User Manual.  Since you have purchased a used camera it is a best practice to reset the camera back to factory defaults.  You want to have all of the camera settings in a known state.

There is a reset option in the camera menu, but you must switch to P mode to use it.  That option resets most of the camera settings, but not quite all of them.  For example, date/time and language options are not reset.

I am not certain if this trick works on an SL2, but it is worth a try.  Remove the lens, memory card, battery, and any other accessories connected to the camera.  Close the door to the battery/memory card compartment.  Turn ON the power switch.  Fully press the Shutter Button and keep it fully pressed for a minimum of 10 seconds.  Release the button.  Turn OFF the power switch.

The above procedure should fully reset the camera back to factory defaults.  I would expect the camera to prompt you for date and time, select a time zone and language, etc.  It should do all of the things a brand new camera from the factory would do.

BTW, what type of memory card are you using?  I recommend setting aside any memory card that might have come inside the camera.  Buy a new memory card by Lexar or SanDisk.  Make sure it is a full size memory card, not a micro-SD card that needs a plastic adapter.  Purchase a SDHC memory card, which are 32 GB or smaller.  It is a best practice to format new memory cards in the camera prior to first use.

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