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EOS R7 Screen/HDMI Out turn Off after 30 min


Year Long Hell: EOS R7 Camera Screen/HDMI Out turn Off after 30 min #webcast #webcam #hdmi #sleep

download.jpegI've probably watched 75 videos on canon's  over the years having this issue.



I purposely switched to the new EOS r7 as it was touted as a high quality webcam.

I've read using the micro HDMI to HDMI exterior capture car (like the elgato cam link pro or black magic pro and pro extreme). Vs the Canon EOS web utility.(which has crashed on me and has a better picture).

Other details:
- I am not recording anything, just using as a web cam
- S
- All four auto off power.savings features have been turned off. screen turns off after about 30 minutes.anyway)
- camera isn't used a lot and not hot.(room temp is 64)
- I've lowered the image quality to 1080.(as suggested in one video)
- I'm not using sound
- I've upgraded to the latest firmware (1.3) in early April 2023
- I dished our $150 for the official dummy battery power cord (vs $20.alternarives on Amazon)
- viewfind has been disabled (so prox sens is not issue)
- I've reset the camera and followed step by step "expert videos or articles derailing what needs to be changed for a great webcam video. Nothing.

- I've tried as successful to some tp change auto off to 1 minute and take memory cards out

I've purchased a remote control hoping there is a button to "wake" camera (every 29 minutes if I can remember) as well as Timer Remote control to see if I can manually get the webcam to simply stay on for like a 1 hour meeting.

- THE ISSUE: After disconnecting the camera, but keeping power on or on a fully charged battery - the screen just shuts off.

As seen as the screen is touched or a button pushed, all is good for 30 min. HDMI immediately works again.

Really could use some advice. I switched from Sony Alpha series to Canon due to

Seems so simply, but out of ideas.

Why the R7: Switched from Sony Alpha S due to the Canon auto focus (which is impressive). I've also tried the Canon RP. Like RP and EF retro mount lens. Like size and weight. Three cameras in and almost a year... Killing me.

Looking for a solution. A fix or alternative. I've had it with Canon.

Thanks in advance!




Have you downloaded the full User Manual from Canon?  It should tell you how to set up the camera for “Clean HDMI” output.  

I recommend that you reset the camera back to its factory defaults, most especially the power options, in particular.  Also, make sure the camera is not overheating, which it can and will do.

It is my understanding that the latest R series bodies do not need the EOS Webcam Utility.  You can set the USB port on the camera for webcam mode.  Again, download the User Guide if you have not already done so.

"The right mouse button is your friend."


Not sure what exactly you're trying to do.   You wrote "After disconnecting the camera, but keeping power on or on a fully charged battery - the screen just shuts off.".  This is normal behavior.

You can certainly have video output via HDMI for longer than 30 minutes.  See page 419 of the User Manual.  Do note though, that the screen will still turn off in this scenario.


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I just registered just so I could thank you for your wisdom! Page 419 does indeed highlight how to continue HDMI out beyond 30 minutes. Unless you have HDMI display set to both external and camera LCD, after 30 minutes the "Display off" in "Power Saving" menu has a max of 30 minutes. Meaning if only external is selected and you're using the camera to stream, or as a webcam such as OP, at 30 minutes you'll lose the image until you touch any button to wake the display again. This was extremely frustrating as I've looked everywhere for an answer and nobody seemed to have one. Most things coming up were referring to the 30 minute recording limit, but that's just not the same issue. I guess if you were hoping to record as well as stream you won't be able to within the camera but, with an external recorder such as a Ninja V, or recording as well as streaming through OBS, you could still accomplish that. 


THANK YOU rs-eos for your answer! That was the ticket 😄

I should add, that this issue is the same with cameras other than just the R7. R6 as well at least and I suspect the R5 would function similarly as well.