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EOS R5 - Dioptric Adjustment Lens (+1)


I have in the past ordered a Canon Dioptric Adjustment Lens (+1), to replace the existing eyecup, as moving the wheel all the way is not enough for my eyes, when removing my eyeglasses to look through the viewfinder.I called Canon today and she said the eyecup on the R series is not removable, and there is nothing available.  Is anyone else have the same issues?  I really hope they come up with a solution.  My last camera the 5D Mark III I was able to order one.



"... when removing my eyeglasses to look through the viewfinder."

I wear eyeglasses but I don't remove them when I use my camera. Is there a reason why you can't leave them on as I do? I am not really up on all the R series accessories but there should be aftermarket diopters for the LCD screen if that might help. You could just use it instead of the VF.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

The eyecup is not removable on the R series, and there is no aftermarket available.  I need to remove my eyeglasses when putting my eyes to the eye cup, it is a comfort thing, and there was a option in the past.

There’s not 

That’s the problem I don’t want glasses on when using the eye piece.   I know about the wheel and I fave adjusted as far as it can go.  I need +1, it is not sharp for me.

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The camera manual states that the dioptric adjustment range is -4 to +2.0. If this is in the range that you need, then maybe your adjustment wheel isn't turning the full amount.


It’s my understanding that the viewfinder will adjust to your eye - I wear glasses all the time and they are higher than 2.50 and have no problem with the viewfinder - try it without your glasses. 


If I tried to shoot without my glasses on, I couldn't see what I was doing! 😁

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!
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