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Ringing Noise in Videos EOS Rebel T8i and EFS 18-55mm lens


Hello! Super newbie here.

I am trying to create a video for an assignment. Every time I upload the clip to my laptop to review, there is always a long beep / ringing sound.

I have a Canon EOS Rebel T8i and I am using the EFS 18-55mm lens.

If this is helpful, settling on the lens is “AF” & Stabilizer is set to “ON,” I have the camera set to A+ when recording the video.

I also have an external mic attached as pictured below. Any help with be greatly appreciated!







I'd have a couple of questions:

1) Do you hear this same beep/ringing sound when you playback your video on your camera, or is it only when you upload it to your laptop?

2) Is this beep/ringing at the beginning of your video?

One way you can get around this is to shoot a couple of seconds of inconsequential footage at the beginning of your video, and then cut those frames out.

Look at page 414 of your manual on how to this. You can advance your video frame by frame until that ringing stops, cut that part out, and resave your video.

If it only happens when you upload your video to your laptop, there are several free video editing programs out there. (I use one called  MiniTool Movie Maker, because it's simple).

You can do the same thing. Shoot a couple of seconds of inconsequential video at the beginning, then go into a video editing program and cut those out.

I have a T8i and I have to say I have never experienced the beep/ringing noise you are describing, but then I don't record sound in my videos.

Steve Thomas


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