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Canon zoom EF lens 70-200mm won't lock on to my 1100d

Hello. I have recently found my old EF 70-200MM lens and I was quite happy about it. But when i tried to mount it on, it didnt lock in. It only twisted for 5mm. The second pic shows how its in, the first shows how it should be (just inside the mount)...

16588293568028382032752568056870.jpg 16588292398568330380617724653494.jpg
Lenkian by Contributor
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Resolved! Focusing to infinity on canon rebel t7's kit lens

Hello folksI recently got a canon rebel t7 and I'm trying to do some astrophotography with the kit lens. I noticed that when I move the focus ring all the way to the left, the camera seems to be focusing on far away things. Is this the right way to f...

Sigma 150-600 lens

I haven't used it as much as I anticipated with miserable hot weather down here. Outdoor activities are very limited. Yesterday, I did have a chance to use it to shoot some photos of an eagle nesting platform off the TN Hwy 60 bridge over the Hiwasse...

RF 100 Macro Causes Camera Shaking

The whole camera starts shaking for a very long time sometimes when using the RF 100 Macro.  No other lens does this.  I have to turn it of to get it to stop.  Sometimes switching to manual mode will get it to stop, sometimes not.  The body is an EOS...

ddcamman by Apprentice
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R5 w/ RF24-70 f2.8 has IBIS wobble @ 24mm?

Hello,I have read that the rf15-35mm has ibis wobble when zoomed out. I don't have that lens, but I got the RF24-70 and it seems it also suffers from ibis wobble at 24mm. Is this normal?  

kwanfs by Contributor
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Dust cap stuck

The rear dust cap is jammed on my Control Ring Mount Adapter EF-EOS R. I accidentally put on an EF mount dust cap without realising. I did not use force to do it, but it won’t come off. It will rotate a small amount each way. How do I remove it? I ne...

Canadian purchased lens

Are lenses purchased in Canada covered by the US warranty?  Can you buy CarePAK Plus for new lenses bought in Canada?

Resolved! RF 70-200mm Blurry/Shaky Images

Hey there!Random issue that cropped up recently. I've had my RF 70-200 for a couple of months now and have used it quite a bit, however it is still very very new to me. This is my first telephoto. I've noticed that when I take a photo at random the r...

FV2A7871.1111.jpg canon 1.jpg FV2A7857.22222.jpg canon 2.jpg


I’m planning on buying the R6 and my mentor wants me to buy the Ef 24-70 mm. Which is better the Ef 24-70 mm or RF 24-70 mm?  Newbie here and I need all the advice I can get! 

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