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R50 3rd Party Lens Help



I’ve recently purchased an R50 and have found a SIGMA lens (210101 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM) that ticks all of the boxes for my specific needs, but am I correct in saying that this is incompatible?

I’m looking for a lens that will work for very close filming (nail tutorials) with zoom function so that I don’t have to have the camera so close to the subject.  

A macro lens throws up other issues as I really don’t want to have to keep switching lenses for other aspects of filming like product unboxings and final look reveals…which is why this lens would have been ideal!

Any help would be hugely appreciated ☺️



Sigma makes EF mount lenses right now, not the RF lenses that are native to the R50, but they can be mounted on the R-series bodies via the Canon EF-RF adapter.  That said, Canon makes no warranty whatsoever that any 3rd party device will, or will not, be compatible with their cameras.  Thus, this is a question that you should address to Sigma, rather than Canon for further assurance.

cheers, TREVOR

Before you ask us, have you looked in the manual or on the Canon Support Site?
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We would need to know which lens you're looking at -- that lens comes in a variety of lens mounts.  If you're looking at the EF-mount version, then as Trevor said, it should work, wth the EF - EOS R adapter.

Bear in mind that this is an APS-C lens.  If in future you were to upgrade to a full-frame camera body, say to an EOS R6, then the lens would still work, but it would only be covering part of the sensor.  The camera would go into crop mode, and your resolution would be very significantly reduced.  If you have no plans to upgrade beyond an APS-C camera, then there's no issue.

If you want to know more about (the gory details of) lens compatibility, I wrote an article about it:



Saw your post yesterday and have been giving it some thought.  The guys have both pointed out the aspects of this lens with your R50.

It is a nice lens, and was released in 2013.  Its likely to work adapted on the R50.  Its was highly desirable for 4k video.  Its MFD at 18mm is 11.02 in.  Its not a macro lens.  Its reproduction ratio is 1:4.3.  Point being, I'm not sure it will provide the level of detail you want at greater distance from your subjects hand.  You'll need a tripod and some type of remote control. Camera connect, or a bluetooth trigger.  


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Be aware that all video features might not be available with the third party lens.  There are numerous Canon EF mount lenses, mostly older lenses, that are not compatible with all the advanced video features that are available from Dual Pixel AF image sensors.

Specifically, Movie Servo AF may not be available.  If it is available, then it could function in a degraded mode.  I suggest that you download a copy of the User Guide and read the sections about how to film video and using Movie Servo AF.

Be aware that you would also need to purchase a mount adapter to use the lens on an R Series camera body.  I recommend investing in one of the Canon wide angle primes and video lighting.



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