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Canon Pixma MG3650 not feeding paper correctly

My MG3650 doesn't feed in paper correctly. It works like a charm when photocopying but it doesn't when printing wirelessly. It gives the error, "Paper is not set correctly" in the SLEPHY app and the orange LED flashes twice, which indicates there is ...

Pavo by Apprentice
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Can you print from a computer to a Selphy?

Can you print from a computer to a Selphy? I don't see a computer listed in the specs. I Photoshop everything I want to print, and I don't like the mobile Photoshop. They had to add stickers which doesn't make it stand out from the crowd.

Getting the print size right

Mac 10.10.5 with Canon Pixma iP7250 Printer Why does my printer sometimes allow me to change the zoom size to make an image fit a single side of A4 .... and sometimes not ? I have a webpage now that is fixed on 3 pages of print, totally ignoring my z...

Canon PIXMA MX922 - Printing Directly Onto A Disc

The above printer has the capability of printing an image directly onto a DVD disc, as opposed to printing the image onto a label and then attaching it onto the disc. I have used this several times, but the image that is imprinted onto the disc appea...

MX922 won't print from MacBook Pro

I just set up a brand new MX922 multifunction machine. It is connected to my home wireless network. It scans (and saves the scan to my computer), copies, and prints wirelessly from my iPhone. But it will not print from my computer! The dialog screen ...

jchauvet by Apprentice
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My Pixma iP2820 won't stop printing

MY PRINTER WON'T STOP PRINTING! It's been printing non stop and every time I try to reset it, or shut it off, or even try to cancel it it will NOT stop printing my paper!  I tried contacting cannons "24/7 phone service" but it was closed! Leaving me ...

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