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Canon Printer

Where can I go to download my Canon Pixma printer back on my laptop with just the Serial #ADYY [MOD NOTE: Serial number removed per FORUM GUIDELINES]

CD Caddy not feeding in properly

Printer MG6350 I've been printing CDs successfully for ages so I am familier with the hardware/software etc. Unfortunately  I now have a problem. The tray is sliding out about 1.5cm and then there are a few "whirling" sounds but the tray does not go ...

Pixma MG6320 Where is the print head release?

 ‎09-06-2014 01:12 PM My Pixma MG6320 was replaced by Cannon by mail without a printer head while under warranty with problems with the print head and I am supposed to use the head from my old printer (the one with the print head problems). They can'...

How Do You Quit Canon Quick Menu?

I have a MacBook air and I installed everything that the instruction manual for my brand new printer said to install and everything was working correctly. I got on my computer last night and the Canon Quick Menu appeared on my toolbar. Now I'm unable...

ad hoc sales person

This is not evidence, it is what I call educated conjecture.  A couple of years ago I was looking for a replacement for my printer because I had screwed up the envelope feeder.  On the internet, I came across a student at a university here in San Die...

Brand new MX922 won't print black ink

I just recieved a new Pixma MX922 in the mail today from Amazon. I've got it up and running and I'm able to print color pictures and text but for whatever reason I can't print Anything black. Anybody have a solution? Thanks in advance.


I got a notice to update the firmware at Device Settins in Setup.  I started the update but then received an error msg that it couldn't be updated.  Now the screen is grey and the power light is blinking.  Nothing happens when I hit the power button,...

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