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Cannon Pixma MX922 Wont Scan to PC

Hello I have a Cannon Pixma MX922 and am trying to scan a 1 page document to my PC (Windows 8.1).  The manual (loaded on my PC) has no instructions on how to scan.  I've tried to figure out how to scan a document to my PC with no success.  Can you he...

MX 472 printer

My PIXMA MX 472 printer will not print legibly. Some of the text is legible, but most of the text looks like it has been prineted over. I can print a perfectly crisp test page, however, and I have run the nozzle cleaning. Can anyone suggest a solutio...

twspt by Apprentice
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Canon 3050A

I have a printer which will print out a job and then think it is still printing.  I can 'cancel' the job, but it waits ages before it tells me there was a error and the print queue resumes.  So if I print out odd pages and then want to double side I ...

margin problems

I'm using a canon pixma MG2520 all in one printer. When I try to print portrait (paper shown below),it will cut off the left side of the paper, as much as the "tech" in the technology applications seen in the top left of the paper. The next picture i...

landscape picture 1.png landscape picture 2.png

Pixma 7250 not printing to disc properly

I cannot get my 7250 to print to disc properly.  I tried to output a 115x115mm image from Photoshop, but everytime I send it the image is overscaled and misaligned on the disc.  In frustration I resorted to using My Image Garden, but the results for ...


Why wont my printer connect with my laptop? Do I need drivers for the printer?

tye by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Pixma g2000. Black stopped working

1 month printer , black stopped working.  I removed the printing head, used cleaner, put back in, works ok, but the silicone ink tubes dont fill . When the printing heads  become empty, will get problems.  Found no way to fill the tubes. Tried reinit...

Denism28 by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

eco setting

Hi All.  I've got a Canon MG5350.  It has an Eco setting to make it turn off after a selectable time.  It doesn't turn off at all.  Does anyone know how I can make this work?  Thanks.

joecolls by Apprentice
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Error Code 2800

My printer keeps showig Error Code 2800 "The feeder cover is open. Close cover and select 'OK' " To begin with, the feeder cover IS NOT OPENED! I have tried EVRYTHING!!! to no avail.  I have turned off the printer as well as unplugged it!!! Please HE...

PIXMA G1200 - Brand new - won't print black

I just bought a PIXMA G1200 and I am having a number of issues.  The main one is that it isn't printing black ink. I have cleaned the printer head a number of times, and this didn't make a difference.  I have also played around with the printing sett...

tcatprez by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

MX 922 New printer. Code 5101

Brand new printer.  Followed all the directions directly as given.Instead of booting to the 'Languages' menu,Code 5101 and it says "remove the protective material if it is attached to the holder.  Turn Power off and back on." I've done this.  Verifie...

How do I duplex print to a Mac?

I have High Sierra 10.13.6. I have not been able to print in duplex. How and where do I set this? Occasionally I get a document to print in duplex, but I can’t consistently do it. I was advised to use Preview to print a document because printing from...

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