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MX920 won't print.

I have a similar problem with the MX920. My printer is connected thru a wi-fi router, and all the computers on the network, run Windows 7. The message I get is " Another computer is using the printer. The following status is the status of that comput...

error code 1300

i have an error code 1300 on my printer ts5100 i have removed paper checked every thing their is no paper jam but i stil have this code coming up on my panel what do i do to clear this.


Tried to set-up printer wirelessly to my Mac.  Couldn't achieve that so want to set it up to using a USB cable instead.  But the option to chose the USB cable no longer exists.  Any suggestions as to how I get out of the wireless setting to be able t...

artfesst by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Error B200 - What????????

I've got a PIXMA MG5320 printer and a "has incurred a B200 error" with the message to contact the service center.1st - what the is a B200 error?2nd - what service center? the ONLY numbers I can find are only good from 10:00 AM EST to 10:00 PM EST - N...

Resolved! TS6020 Legal Paper Problem

Have just bought this printer. Legal size document I want to copy can be put into the rear loader, and registered to use, BUT, the cassette cannot load legal size paper. So how can I copy the legal size?To repeat a common complaint - the manual is no...

nickbb by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

Prints only on prompt

When I send a document to print, new window opens wthe print preview and asks me to start printing. How can i send it to printer without the preview

disc abrasion

Hi I have a very new Pixma 922. When printing on disc, the printer is causing what I'll call roller tracks on the cd surface. There are at least two . They are parralel lines less than 1/16" thick, spaced about 1 1/2" apart marring the disc surface. ...

Drewv by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

My TS9020 Printer suddenly not working...

Hey guys... So, I got the TS9020 printer a couple of days ago, and i installed it and set it up and whatnot. I put the settings to Wireless LAN printing and i installed the disc onto my laptop that day and i test-printed a page and it worked! (I also...

Printer Issue.png
Debesht by Apprentice
  • 1 replies
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