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PIXMA G3260 banding out of the box

My brand new g3260 has a slight issue with banding, and it was like this the first day I got it. It happens in color and in black and white. Any suggestions? It's not a huge issue currently because I don't need to print pictures out at the moment but...

PIXMA TS9520 - Top Part of Print Is Missing

Hi, I have a Canon TS9520 and in the last month - it seems like the alignment of the paper is off.  When the first and last pages of a document are printing the top 1/4 of the page is missing and there is a blank space on the bottom.  The middle page...

Ink bleed on Canon IX6850

Hi,  I've only recently noticed this issue when printing onto matt or plain paper. If I print small narrow text or a picture, some areas where the blacks are close to each other they bleed into each other. For example if I write a very thin small let...

MX922 Error 5100. Cartridge carriage getting stuck

I use chinese replacement catridges and looks like one got unseated and the printer head/cartridge carrier got jammed and printer would flash 5100 error. I had to pop the small cover on the scanner bed - lower right corner - and then push the cartrid...

ishpreet by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

MG4200 code 1303 paper jam

paper went back into printer while using Inkscape in Windows 10 then this error which is all I need. The orange handle for opening is loose, not attached to anything. What is going on?

PIXMA G7020 Goes to Sleep and Goes Offline

Once the printer goes to sleep it goes OFFLINE and never comes back on (printer power is always on). Even when the printer is powered off and turned back on it still will not come online. I even turned off the computers and it still is offline. This ...

Dok by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

PIXMA TR8520 Won't Print Documents

Windows 7 - I purchased the printer 6/19 & have had no problems until this started a couple weeks ago.I have uninstalled & reinstalled this printer twice - it will print the test sheets, both black & white, and color, no problem BUT when I try to pri...

Looking for A3 megatank printer

HelloI am looking for a megatank printer, I am not really interested in catridge variants, but speciffically those that can be refilled. The printer must also have an ADF (simplex or duplex) and wired ethernet connection, Fax functionality is not man...

kiki443 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies
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