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Resolved! ip8720 problem

Greetings- New purchase- 8720. When trying to print a 6x4 envelope (custom size), the envelope passes through w/o printing the address and ejects the envelope. I tried feeding a 8.5x11 sheet to see what would happen and it it prints a partial adress ...

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 9.04.57 PM.png Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 9.20.17 PM.png

Pixma MP560 Mac OS X 10.12.6

Hi there .. Trying to install my MP560 on a new macPro using a wireless connection. The mac has the most current OS 10.12.6. When I try to add the printer through System Preferences,  it can find the scanner and install it but not the printer. In the...

Canon Pixma MP280

Hello,I have two questions: 1) Can I print using black ink only when my color cartridge is depleted? 2) Can I replace my color cartridge with a black ink cartridge? I have a Pixma MP280. Thank you.

mdogg16 by Apprentice
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Printing Avery Labels on Current InkJet Printers

I have been using Avery labels successfully for years with Canonprinters - as recently as my personal MG5420 (2013) and on a demoMG7120. Even on a MX340! But is it true that this is something that Canon does NOT recommend, and that we should NOT be p...

K6LCS by Apprentice
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error code 9,230,0 / MG7150

hello  after installing window 10, I had problem with scan utility. So i found it on the web MS scan utility (for window10 64 bits) but when I try to run it i have the error message "a scanner driver supproting this sofware is not installed. install ...

philuc77 by Apprentice
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printer prints pink

i try to print in black and white and the black prints black and the white prints white but if was any other color prints this pinkish redish color please help

zbergy by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

amazing error between my Mac and MX920

My laptop is macbook pro with the system macOS Sierra 10.12.6.Begining the summer, about July 2017, when I want to print a PDF by the application Preview from Airprint, the black ink does not work. If the document has multi-colored, only the black is...

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 22.49.44.png Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 22.55.05.png
cffhr99 by Apprentice
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MX870 Black text is looking bad all of a sudden!

Hello all, Newly registered, but I have had an MX870 for a long time.  Great printer, but all of a sudden it isn't printing BLACK very well at all.  I did a nozzle looks acceptable.  I did cleanings, even a deep one.   But when I print BLA...

Pixima 5720 making horrible smudges

For some reason , my printer is smudging grey/black ink patches for seemingly no reason on the sides and top of images. It's been really bad with full page prints, but smaller prints it can be remidied by rotating the images in different ways before ...

Pogocoop by Apprentice
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Change PC name on scanner-destination

I would like to delete my personal name from the scan destination on the scanner. What it currently shows is "emily POTATOMI", where POTATOMI is the PC name. However, I can't figure out how to change or delete the "emily" from the name. The printer-s...

can't find model name/number

HELLO,Just bought canon printer and tried to download  driver. however, I cant find model name/number. My serial is: [Mod Note: Serial number removed per forum guidelines].

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