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Where are icc profiles for the TS9520 Printer??

Just installed this printer, looked everywhere, searched online and cannot find either the icc profiles for printing to different papers from Lightroom nor the psf files to proof in Photoshop. Nothing in the usual location such as Windows/system32/sp...

in4m8n by Enthusiast
  • 16 replies

MG5520 with support code 1405

I am getting Support code 1405 "The type of print head is incorrect". I have changed all the cartridges, power cycled the unit, removed the power for 30 minutes. This unit appears to be dead. Any clues??

Resolved! Says Out of Paper

My Pixma MX870 is saying I'm out of paper and it isn't out of paper. I have taken paper out and put it back in. It keeps saying out of paper and I have to print something important. What do I do?

Resolved! PIXMA MX 920 error code C000

This printer failed to tell me ink was out, and it printed anyway. I put in new printer cartridges, and I got error code C000. I unplugged it and replugged it. No go. I found my way to this forum, and I saw someone post about another error to plug it...

LeslieD by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

clearing code B200

I have a PIXMA MX922 Printer with the code B200 and i tried to clear it with unplugging than starting it up again with no results, please ink is only a few weeks old.

Error 5100

I have a brand new Pixma TS5120 and it is throwing a 5100 error I am unable to clear it. Is there a fix or did we buy a dud printer. We have printed maybe 10 pages out of it before it started getting the error. We can't even use it anymore because of...

Pixma TR8620 power question

Hi all,This is hopefully a simple question, but its probably an odd question. My partner makes cakes and is looking to import a TR8620 from the US to the UK as this is the gold standard for printing edible ink onto sugar paper (who knew, right?). So ...

robertom by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

MX922 Printing blurry

My MX922 is printing blurry and shaded lines.  I have tried auto head alignment, manual head alignment, cleaning, deep cleaning, roller cleaning, but nothing works.  Any suggestions please?

mgenoves by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

CP1300 jam - ink(color film) stuck at roller

Display shows message like paper jam. Then after I removed ink cassette, I noticed that the ink residue (color film) was stuck at roller seriously. Can you advise me how to remove it? Maybe I need to open CP1300 to access jamming point. 

musuri75 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies
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