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PixmaTR8600 set up on a chromebook

I read the the TR8600 is compatable with a Chromebook, but it is not included in the drop down menu.  It then says I have the option of specifying my own PPD?  Does the printer have a PPD?  What is that? Gary

Canon Pixma TS9551C red printing orange

Hi everyone,I decided the get a replacement printer to 'upgrade' from my Canon Eco Tank for printing greeting cards and to be able to print A3 drawings etc and based on various reviews went for the Canon Pixma TS9551C.  I purchased it a couple of mon...

TS3351 not printing colors

My TS3351 wasn't printing colors correctly, so I replaced the color cartridge as it was complaining about low color ink levels.But even after putting in the fresh color ink cartridge, the printer still complains about low color ink levels, and is not...

7ikep by Apprentice
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Pixma MG3022 Scanner won't go past warming up

My MG3022 Scanner doesn't work. I keep getting 2 messages (1) "Scanner is warming up. Do not open the document cover". Then after quite a while the next message comes up (2) "The Scanner is not available while in use by another application or user" h...

PIXMA MG2220 Support Question

bought a new computer; it won't support my Canon printer. Chatted on line with Canon person and was referred to Microtron Technologies for support.  I was uncomfortable allowing them control of my computer; are they an authorized Canon support compan...

Resolved! PIXMA MG2522 Saves as PDF instead of printing

Hello, I have had my printer for a couple of years.  Recently when I go to print a document, any document, my computer brings me to a download as PDF screen.  As a result, I cannot print anything.  Can this situation be fixed and how? Thank you.

wilforce by Apprentice
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PIXMA G3260 Long delays opening documents

My Pixma G3260 causes long delays in simply opening documents, from word processing programs and online documents (when I'm not even trying to print).    It also delays when printing a PDF.  Previous Brother printer began printing immediately.

PIXMA MP980 Ink Absorber Full

Having two nice Canon MP980 printers ,that I don't want to replace, only to be told by Canon about an expensive ink absorber replacement or offer of a puny discount on a new printer does not set right with me.  If I am expected to throw the printer a...

Resolved! Pixma G3260 Sleeps after every print job

Immediately after it finished a print job, my Pixma G3260 goes to sleep.  Each time I have to wake it and then it cleans itself before it will start another print job.  VERY frustrating, time consuming, and wasteful of ink!  How can I prevent it from...

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