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TR8622 will not take documents through ADF - will only copy using platen


TR8622 printer, less than 3 months old, will not copy documents that are fed through the ADF.  Will only copy documents if they are placed on the platen.  When a document is placed in the ADF and the copy button is pressed, the printer will copy what is on the platen, even though the platen is empty as nothing has been placed on it as the original is in the ADF.  After the printer prints out the copy, which is basically a blank piece of paper since nothing was placed on the platen, a message will then pop up indicating 'Originals in ADF.  Check originals in ADF, and then tap [OK] and try again.'  If I hit OK, a second message will pop up indicating 'Originals in ADF.  Remove any originals from the document tray and tap [OK].  If I tap it a third time, a message will pop up indicating 'Ejecting originals' and the originals are then ejected from the ADF.  I've turned the printer on and off multiple times and that doesn't seem to help.  I DON'T WANT THE ORIGINALS EJECTED FROM THE ADF - that is the item that I am trying to copy.  I DO NOT WANT TO ALWAYS COPY FROM THE PLATEN.  The platen is good for copying a one page document - not for copying several pages.  I need the printer to be able to copy from the ADF as I typically have to copy more than one page at a time and using the platen and going page by page is unsustainable.  Should I reach out to Canon and attempt to return the malfunctioning printer, since it doesn't seem able to copy more than one page at a time using an ADF?  I didn't know the printer would do this or I wouldn't have purchased it.  I'm really disappointed because I paid over $300.00 for this printer and for more than $300, I should have been able to have a printer that allows me to, w/ an ADF, copy more than one page at a time.   


Product Expert
Product Expert


 I recommend reaching out to Canon support for this issue. You will need to register your Canon gear HERE to access additional support options.

We look forward to hearing from you.