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Service Notice: UPDATE: Canon Inkjet Printer continuous reboot loop or powering down

Product Expert
Product Expert


Canon U.S.A., Inc. has recently become aware of a situation where select Canon inkjet printers continuously reboot or power down after the Canon logo appears if the product is connected to the internet. If this occurs, the printer cannot be used.


When a printer is powered on and connected to the Internet, it will access an external server. Beginning on May 30, 2022, an update in information sent from the external server to the affected printer models resulted in an error that caused it to go through a continuous reboot or power down.

On June 7, 2022, the matter was resolved.

Note:  If the printer continues to reboot, turn it off or unplug the power cord from the printer.  Wait up to ten seconds, and then power on the printer.

Recommended Action

Although the matter is resolved, we recommend that the affected printer models’ firmware be updated to help prevent risk of reoccurrence.

Below are options to update the firmware on the affected printer models.

  •  Option One (Recommended)

On nearly all the affected printer models listed below, the firmware can be updated from the printer’s operational panel while it is connected to the Internet.  The printer’s display will typically indicate when a firmware is available for updating via the operational panel.

See the table below to confirm if this option is supported by your printer.  If supported, click "Yes" under Option One for your printer model in the table below.  This will take you to Canon’s knowledgebase article for detailed instructions on updating the firmware.

  • Option Two

For printer models whose firmware cannot be updated via the operational panel, the Remote User Interface (also referred to as Remote UI) can be used for this purpose.

See the table below to confirm if this option is supported by your printer.  If supported, click "Yes" under Option Two for your printer model in the table below.  This will take you to Canon’s knowledgebase article for detailed instructions on updating the firmware.

  • Option Three

Alternatively, the firmware for each of the affected printer models can be updated immediately using an updater that is currently available on Canon’s website.  To use the updater, see the requirements listed below.  Please click "Yes" under Option Three for your printer model in the table below.  If the website does not automatically detect the computer’s operating system, select it from the Operating System drop-down.


v Requirements for Option Three:

  • USB cable
  • Printer’s driver installed on the computer in which the firmware update will be performed


Affected printer models and link to its respective firmware update procedure:



Option One

(Update Firmware from Operation Panel)

Option Two

(Update Firmware using Remote UI)

Option Three

(Update Firmware using Updater)

































PIXMA MX490 / MX492





Note:  If Canon determines that additional models are affected by this situation, we will issue an updated Service Notice.



If you have not already done so, please register your Canon printer at MyCanon. By registering your product we will be able to notify you via email of any future announcements regarding your product.


This information is only for residents of the U.S.A. and its five territories. If you do not reside in the U.S.A. or its five territories, please contact the Canon Customer Support Center in your region for registration purposes.

Thank You
Customer Support Operations
Canon U.S.A., Inc.

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Thank you for this. I can access my router. I’ve never actually set-up the printer to my desktop. I generally use the scanner, copier and to print some things from my phone. If needed I suppose I could figure out how to connect the desktop or lap top. 

I had an old spare USB printer cable in my old tool bag, but you might not. Check the Canon site, you can download the new setup software that may allow all of this to be done over the network rather than thru a cable from printer to laptop. I used the new SW after I already ran the firmware thru my direct USB to printer.  So the new SE let me get my drivers and ports assigned, etc. while I was logged into my router as well.  Sorry to sound helter skelter but my printer is not in the room I spend my time, there was alot of scurrying about for hours, downloaded, running, testing, configuring....ather a job but do-able.   


Hi there Product Experts,

please extend the list. I just fixed the issue on a Canon Pixma MX945. It seems that more and more Pixma models are effected.

That's how I did it.

1. Read the Canon Service Notice

2. Download the right firmware for MX490 on your PC or Mac. Will work for MX495 as well.

3. Turn off your Pixma MX495 if not done already. Plugin USB-Cable

4. Turn off the Wifi on your internet router or block traffic on port 80

5. Connect your PC or Mac to the printer using a USB-Cable (A-Male to B-Male Cord). Keep in mind that you might need an adapter (USB-A to USB-C) if you are using a modern Mac or PC laptop.

6. Turn on the printer. It should work and behave normal now while not getting any network connection.

7. Start the firmware application. It will unpack itself in a folder (PrinterUpdate.exe for Windows; for MacOS) and includes an Update Procedure HOWTO in all mayor languages and the Update-Executable . Follow the instructions of the HOWTO.

*Would be great if the Canon Support would publish those HOWTO's on their support websites as well.

7. When the firmware update was successful push the turn-on/off button of the printer.

8. Unplug the USB-cable

9. Turn on your WiFi/Internet-Router again or revoke your firewall rules by unblocking network traffic on port 80.

10. Turn on your Canon Pixma MX495 printer and setup Wifi again using WPS or by choosing the right WiFi network (SSID) and type in the Wifi passphrase on the number pad of the printer.

11. When the printer is connected to the network try to print somethings out.

Good luck!


We downloaded the firmware, took the network offline, connected the printer with the USB cord, pushed the firmware update to the printer. After that, we shut the printer off and turned it back on again. Then we restored the Wi-Fi. We also had to install an update on the printer driver which gave two printers in our printer list. We deleted the older one and selected the newer one. The printer works fine now.


Hello:  when this was first reported, Canon Representative Arthur said to call support. I did that and was told I had to buy a new printer, so I did. Now you are offering a fix for the printer Canon bricked. How do I get my money back?

Depending on the return policy where you bought it, you may be able to return the new printer.


After going to the store to buy a USB printer cable (the original was long gone), I was able to install the firmware and my printer seemed to be functioning properly.  However, my laptop wouldn't print to it.  Although everything showed that the printer was installed, when I sent things to print, the laptop kept telling me the printer was offline.  I ran the troubleshooter twice (Windows), but nothing helped.  I rebooted.  Didn't help.  I unplugged the printer.  Didn't help.  Finally, I noticed that there was a new printer installed on my laptop -- the same name as my Pixma 490, but with WS at the end.  I chose that, and everything worked fine.  I mention it in case anyone runs into the same problem.

However, like others, I am now having toner issues.  The printouts are pale, and I started getting the low toner notice on my laptop.  I JUST BOUGHT THIS TONER CARTRIDGE.  There's no possible way it's almost empty.  Is there a fix coming for this issue that doesn't involve us buying new cartridges?

To say this has been a huge misuse of my time (and everyone else's) would be an understatement -- never mind the fuel to get to the store and the cost of the USB cord.  If I have to buy new toner, I will be very unhappy.  Canon, your customers would appreciate hearing how you plan to fix the toner issue, and how you plan to prevent errors like this in the future.

Hi I  believe if you go into the properties for your printer device you will see the printer and the port it is assigned to.  I believe I got my synced up again by deleting them and starting over so your laptop will recreate the printer and the port together and match them together.  I don't have ink issues and I got rid of the "WS" printer type.




My question here is this when this became a problem that Canon could no longer ignore everyone was opting to do a domain name service work around,will there be problems for the people that did this DNS work around if they attempt to install the firmware update that was posted on 6-3-2022?

As for this problem it certainly was not new tis dates back to at least April of 2020.



Me too with Pixma 110.   Is canon fixing the issue?  Seems like they should fix and not make customer so work.  Plus,     I just use with my i phone so how can I fix this? I just use internet connection to print from iphone.

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