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Service Notice: UPDATE: Canon Inkjet Printer continuous reboot loop or powering down

Product Expert
Product Expert


Canon U.S.A., Inc. has recently become aware of a situation where select Canon inkjet printers continuously reboot or power down after the Canon logo appears if the product is connected to the internet. If this occurs, the printer cannot be used.


When a printer is powered on and connected to the Internet, it will access an external server. Beginning on May 30, 2022, an update in information sent from the external server to the affected printer models resulted in an error that caused it to go through a continuous reboot or power down.

On June 7, 2022, the matter was resolved.

Note:  If the printer continues to reboot, turn it off or unplug the power cord from the printer.  Wait up to ten seconds, and then power on the printer.

Recommended Action

Although the matter is resolved, we recommend that the affected printer models’ firmware be updated to help prevent risk of reoccurrence.

Below are options to update the firmware on the affected printer models.

  •  Option One (Recommended)

On nearly all the affected printer models listed below, the firmware can be updated from the printer’s operational panel while it is connected to the Internet.  The printer’s display will typically indicate when a firmware is available for updating via the operational panel.

See the table below to confirm if this option is supported by your printer.  If supported, click "Yes" under Option One for your printer model in the table below.  This will take you to Canon’s knowledgebase article for detailed instructions on updating the firmware.

  • Option Two

For printer models whose firmware cannot be updated via the operational panel, the Remote User Interface (also referred to as Remote UI) can be used for this purpose.

See the table below to confirm if this option is supported by your printer.  If supported, click "Yes" under Option Two for your printer model in the table below.  This will take you to Canon’s knowledgebase article for detailed instructions on updating the firmware.

  • Option Three

Alternatively, the firmware for each of the affected printer models can be updated immediately using an updater that is currently available on Canon’s website.  To use the updater, see the requirements listed below.  Please click "Yes" under Option Three for your printer model in the table below.  If the website does not automatically detect the computer’s operating system, select it from the Operating System drop-down.


v Requirements for Option Three:

  • USB cable
  • Printer’s driver installed on the computer in which the firmware update will be performed


Affected printer models and link to its respective firmware update procedure:



Option One

(Update Firmware from Operation Panel)

Option Two

(Update Firmware using Remote UI)

Option Three

(Update Firmware using Updater)

































PIXMA MX490 / MX492





Note:  If Canon determines that additional models are affected by this situation, we will issue an updated Service Notice.



If you have not already done so, please register your Canon printer at MyCanon. By registering your product we will be able to notify you via email of any future announcements regarding your product.


This information is only for residents of the U.S.A. and its five territories. If you do not reside in the U.S.A. or its five territories, please contact the Canon Customer Support Center in your region for registration purposes.

Thank You
Customer Support Operations
Canon U.S.A., Inc.

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If I cannot turn off the mx492 printer, how can I install an update?


It might help to read the Firmware Update Procedure

To turn off the printer you just pull the power plug. If the power off button doesn't work. Make sure to prepare yourself with a proper USB-Cable (A-male to B-male).

Good luck!

2. Turn off your internet router


Hi, you gotta get a cable, it's an odd cable but must fit both ends, one to laptop one to printer.  First you need to turn off port 80 in 2 directions just for the ip address for your printer.  If you don't do that then turn the printer off, download the files you need from Canon to fix it, download the new software that sorta replaces a cable, and when you're ready turn the printer back on try the software to talk to the printer.  I used it but not sure when.  I still say the easiest way is to block port 80 inbound and outbound for the IP the printer has been using.  That will shut it up so you can think.  🙂


This did not correct the printer issue.  Is there a way to return the printer to the original out of the box software or firmware?  I have the original disk, which worked for years, thought it was fixed using USB but on wifi it kept rebooting.


without a USB cable connected from a computer (PC or Mac) you won't be able to patch the firmware at all. Just follow these steps described here . It fixed my printer. Good luck!

It will work!  Last time I fixed a printer it was 2004... I was pretty good.  So the reboots are triggered by port 80 in both directions to the IP for the printer.  Disable those ports.  Does not hurt anything.  Then it will stop nattering and you can download and repair it.  There is even a software now that will let you do this without having a cable.  Just get the firmware, the driver, the driver security, the new management software and spend an hour or two.... it took me 3 but I'm a perfectionist.  I can be done.  To answer your original, yes you can wipe your printer, but not while it's going bonkers on you.  Disable port 80 in both directions on your router or wireless then you can.


I am in the same situation as above. But I can't update the firmware on my Maxify MB5020. When I connect my MacBook Pro running IOS Catalina 10.15.7, my Maxify immediately shows Error Code 2001 "Incompatible device detected. Remove the device." I have the settings on my printer to "disable LAN". If I turn it back on, it starts the constant restart loop again. So how can I update anything if I can't put it on my wireless and can't hook it up to my mac? 

Block just your printer on your wireless router or modem or what you have.  On that device you can close port 80 in both directions so the printer stops wigging out and you keep your internet up.  Then you get a cable from your laptop to the printer and get your laptop to download the fix, plus a couple other files out there that are recent.  You will need to load the firmware then also reload the driver + security file  and do your wireless setup again.  Then you may have to money around with the printer Q objects to get what you use most, they might be out of synch. It's doable!  Hang in there!

Turn off your connections specifically to the printer from your wireless router.  This is called an "access rule" or a "firewall rule."  The port has a number it is 80.  Turn that off both incoming and going for the IP address only for the printer and it will stop the loop.  Turn your LAN back on.

You can also just turn your router off or pull its plug.

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