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Canon IX6820 - Reset Options (Error code 1403 & B200)


Hello...I have owned my Canon IX6820 for a few years now.  I've had occasional print quality issues that I resolved by doing a manual cleaning of the print head.  Last week the printer thru an error code 1403 on power up and the resume\cancel light blinks 5 times.  I removed the print head and did a very extensive manual cleaning.  Still did not clear the issue.  I watched several YouTube videos on trying to reset the printer.  The most popular being hold the resume button while powering it up and then pushing the resume button 5 times while still holding the power button.  That also did not clear the error.   So I purchased a new print head.  I installed it over the weekend.  Now instead of the error code 1403, I get a B200 error.  Which appears to be the same type code ...print head error.  I assume the replacement head was a different build version thus the different code number.   Does anyone know the correct procedure for performing a hard reset on the printer?  I would like to make sure its not a reset issue before giving up on the printer since it is hardly ever been used that much.   If someone has had a similar experience on the IX6800 series printer, please share your results.  I purchased this printer for the 13"x19" capabilities.  Hate to trash it now.

Additional information...I have used aftermarket non-Canon ink ever since having the printer.  No issues printing with those cartridges.  So I don't see how it could be the cartridges causing the issue.  I do print a least every other week to keep the printer active.