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Pixma MG 7720 only Black ink misaligned


My Pixma MG 7720 printer was working fine. I ran out of most of the inks and swapped them out at the same time. Now the printer head is horizontally misaligned- but only the black ink. I did a nozzle cleaning a couple of times, did an auto alignment and a manual alignment. Nothing is improving. It is more noticeable on smaller type. Any insight would be appreciated


Product Expert
Product Expert


Could you attach a copy of your nozzle check to your reply. This will help us troubleshoot the issue better. 

We look forward to your reply. 

Attaching one that I scanned. Please advise why I cannot get a better scan. This is a photo scan. I tried a document as well, both at the highest resolution. The rest are phone pics- hopefully you will be able to see the issue. This nozzle check page was just printed out. The page number 3 was printed after I did an auto head alignment. I couldn't find any info on how to interpret it and the type was still off, so I did a manual head adjustment after that. the type still hasn't improved as you can see in the third document that I've attached. Thanks. 




IMG_5141 copy.jpg





You can try and encoder cleaning by using the steps HERE

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