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PIXMA MX490 won't print black only


So I recently installed a new black ink cartridge and have been trying literally everything to get this printer to print....


I went to look on the printer itself first to check if there were any settings that would print using black only ink. Of course, the only ink options on the actual printer was the information of ink levels and another option that had no relation to setting it to print black only.


After trying to research what to do, I came across this forum that instructed to manually print using black only via the printer property control panel on my laptop (where I was trying to print from). I followed the directions and made sure that my computer settings were set to standard plain paper, grayscale is the only checkbox I have checked, normal margins, and it was set to black only. However, when I tried to print, my computer STILL tells me that Ink is running low (referring to the colored ink that is empty) and refuses to print, leaving my documents in the print queue indefinitely. 


I tried re-connecting the printer to the wifi and it says it is connected, but still nothing. I then tried restarting my computer, but nothing. I'm unsure of what else I can do...I urgently need to print documents to file them formally and it is incredibly frustrating when this printer is so stubborn. I've never had issues before and I find it hard to believe I HAVE to buy the colored ink in order for it to work.


I'm at my knees, please advise!!


Edit: I want to mention that I use Windows 10, if it matters at all.



I have read that holding the Stop button for 5 seconds will get rid of the low ink warning. See if that works.

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I'm not familiar with that specific printer but I know that some printers won't print at all if any of the ink cartriges are empty. Even if you only want to print in black the color cartriges must have ink in them as well. Try replacing the empty color ink tank and see if that solves the problem.


I have read that holding the Stop button for 5 seconds will get rid of the low ink warning. See if that works.

Thank you it worked

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi hkaras98,


I would be happy to assist with printing to the MX490. The printer should be able to continue printing with a low color ink tank. Even if you are printing with the option for black only, the error for the ink would need to be addressed.


Usually, you can press ok on the printer or hold down the stop button for 5 seconds to get past the error. If you are still unable to print after pressing ok on the printer or holding down the stop button, I would need some additional information to assist further. If you could reply to this message with the information below we can provide trouble shooting steps.


  1. When you try to print, do you get an error? If so, what error code do you get and is it on the printer or computer?
  2. Are you able to make a copy on the MX490?