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PIXMA MG5220 False Paper Jam Indications


Over the past several months, my printer (PIXMA MG5220) has been giving, apparently false, printer jam indications with increasing frequency.  They occur when trying to print 5x7 photos or 4x6 photos from the rear paper tray although printing 8x10 or letter size photo paper from that source works fine.  The symptom is that instead of printing a photo, the printer simply feeds the paper through the print region until only the tail end is engaged by the feed rollers, then stops and reports a paper jam.  Clearly, there is no actual jam since the paper has just fed through from source to exit.  Generally, following the instructions to remove paper, clear the path and push 0K just results in repeating the same problem.


Sometimes, cycling power on the printer, printing another size of paper or type of document, rebooting the computer, - actions to break the chain has seemed to be effective and enabled me to print the photos, but at this stage success by any of those routes has become extremely rare while the odds of occurrence have become nearly 100%.  We've moved well beyond an annoyance to a crippling loss of capability.


I've tried cleaning rollers and inspected for foreign objects or detritus as thoroughly as I am able, have made sure I downloaded the most current driver for my OS (Windows 10).  I've also searched this forum for relevant posts I could piggy back on, but am coming up empty.  Does anyone have something helpful to share or should I conside 7 years the ultimate life of this printer and move on?  I'd really hate to do that as it is otherwise doing a very good job for us and I'm well stocked with compatible Canon inks and paper.  


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi MrEd,


I see that you have reinstalled the printer driver. Just to make sure that there are not multiple copies of the printer, please go to View Devices and Printer from the control panel and remove the MG5220 printer listed. If there are any copies of the printer remaining, please remove them as well.


Once the icons are removed, please go to add/remove programs and delete the Canon MP driver and then restart your computer.


After the computer restarts, please click HERE to download the printer driver again. If have the printer connected via a usb cord, unplug the usb cord during the install. Once you select usb connection, then you can plug the usb cord back in when the message appears.


Once the printer is installed, please  try to print again to see if the false paper jam error still appears.