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My printer takes too long to start printing. Any idea why?


Not too much to say here. Every time I try to print the printer either takes to long or says "The printer is not responding". I'm printing through wifi.



Hi there,


Yes I have exactly the same problem and my Canon MG7520 printer takes way too long to start. It is extremely frustrating sometimes when you need quick print. And its not even like it does that before starting to print. At times it would just pause in the middle of page printing and will take like minutes to think about it. It is barely over an year old and had been used very conservatively so its not like its usage issue.


I was hoping to find a solution when I stumble upon this forum and notice there are so many others having the same issue. I am confident I will be trying another brand next time. This is not good esp. from a brand like Canon.  

Why doesn’t Canon clean the head after each print?

Hi Terkul,


Canon inkjet printers perform a minor cleaning process after each print job. This process is also performed during the initial start-up when the printer turns on.


I have the same issue but with an MB2320...20 minutes and waiting now.  Everything shows a normal connection, no noise at all from the printer, rebooted, try restarting, and still nothing.  


I am using a USB connection and it is still taking 30 + minutes to print a document.


My Canon MG7720 averages 45 minutes to make a copy and over an hour to print anything. Scanning is acceptably fast but I seldom need to scan as I can just take higher resolution pictures with my phone now when I need to create an electronic copy of paper documents. This printer's insanely slow print speed saves ink as I seldom need anything badly enough to waste that much time to get anything on paper. When I am in a hurry I email the item I need to the library which is four blocks away from my house. Then I walk over to pick it up and walk back home before this printer manages to print anything out and I have gottene in some exercise as well! My ink tanks expire long before I manage to use them up and the case of paper that I bought six years ago is still mostly unused! My next printer won't be a Canon but at this point I've gotten so used to not printing that I'm not sure I actually need a printer anymore! I'm using Windows 10 and my computer is connected to my printer over an ethernet network. Once in a blue moon I can print stuff immediatly but only the first page. I have to wait for a second page or for a second document. I use lots of colorful language with my Canon MG7720 printer and I look forward to the day when I finnaly loose complete patience with it and take my 20lb sledge hammer to it so I can get at least a little bit of enjoyment out of owning this paperweight. As ink is nonreturnable and insanely expensive I want to use up my exsisting stash of ink before I sledgehammer fix the thing though. Cheers!

I have a brand new PC and a brand new printer - Canon TR8520 - just purchased in January 2021.  At first the printer worked fine.  Nice and quick, just as expected.  Now, however, it gets slower and slower to start printing, and to continue printing.  The other day I needed to print 7 pages - single-sided, black only, text only.  It took 1 1/2 hours!  It takes like 10 minutes between every page.


None of the suggestions I've found anywhere have helped.  The best suggestion I've seen yet is the one from Amherst11, and that is to print at the library.  My library is a 10 min drive away.  It would still be quicker.  Probably cheaper too, even considering gas prices!

Not sure if your printer would do the same as a MB2720 but go into Windows "Settings" (click on the Windows Start button to find the Settings icon) then go into printers and uninstall your printer. Wait a bit and then click to install a new printer and have it do the re-install.


Sometimes the MB2720 needs to have a new port assigned to it for whatever reason. I never turn my printer off,just let it hibernate and it seems to eliminate that problem.

Just thought I'd give an update.  I searched and searched for a solution to this problem.  It never resolved itself.  I uninstalled and reinstalled the printer, the wireless, drivers, etc multiple times.  Nothing helped.  Every once in a while the printer would shock me and print immediately.  But 95% of the time it took a tremendously long time to print - if it printed at all.  I finally gave up and bought a cord to connect the printer directly to the computer.  Badabing badaboom - it now works perfectly, immediately, every single time!!!  There is definitely something wrong with it trying to print wirelessly.  But at least now I can print reliably.

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