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My Image Garden may be corrupted?




I finally found out how to print the CD labels.  I saved 2 of them.  2 days ago I printed one again.


Now I need to design another label and I get an error message "Failed to Load".  None of my labels will load anymore.


Using an iMac OSX 10.9.2 (recently upgraded

My Image Garden 1.0.0

Printer MG 6320 (works great).


Is there a plist or something I can trash and re-build or something else I can do?  I need to design and print DVD/CD labels.






Hi Allenz,


Reinstalling the My Image Garden program from the Canon USA website may resolve the issue you are experiencing.  The following link will take you to the initial download page for the PIXMA MG6320:

PIXMA MG6320 Drivers and Software page

Once on the initial download page for your model, please do the following:

1.  Verify that the operating system detected in the "OPERATING SYSTEM" drop-down menu is correct, and if it is not, please click the drop-down menu to select your operating system.

2.  Next, please click on the red arrow next to the "RECOMMENDED FOR YOU" section and click the MY IMAGE GARDEN file.  When you do, another page will appear giving details of the file you are about to download will appear.  

3.  Please scroll down on the Details page and agree to the terms of the disclaimer message to continue with the download process by clicking on the "I AGREE - BEGIN DOWNLOAD" button.  After clicking the "I AGREE - BEGIN DOWNLOAD" button, follow the instructions to download and install the software.  The time for the download process may vary depending on the speed of your Internet connection and the size of the file being downloaded.

Hope this helps!


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This does NOT help.

I have Mac Mavericks OS.

I bought this printer to print the DISC. I dont print papers.

and the Image garden just does not work on MAC, with the error message "Fail to load"

I took lot's of time to set this printer up.

but now I might have to return this since I can't print DISC...

is there any other software that I can use? I just need to print my CD.. that's all.

if I must use image garden.. i have to return this product..

please help.


Hi sangdoggg,


Please try reinstalling My Image Garden.  To uninstall My Image Garden, please open the Applications folder and drag My Image Garden to the trash.  Once installed, please follow these steps to reinstall it:


 1.  Visit Canon's website at:

 2.  Type PIXMA MG6320 in the "Enter Your Model Name" box and click GO.

 3.  On the Support page for your unit, click the 'Drivers & Software' link in the middle of the page.

 4.  Click on Software.

 5.  Click on My Image Garden.

 6.  If you agree, please select the checkbox next to "I have read and agree to the terms of the Disclaimer and wish to continue with the download".

 7.  Click the Download button.

 8.  A File Download box should appear at the bottom. When it does, select Save.

 9.  Once the download is complete, open your Downloads folder.

10.  Double click the [mmig-mac-3_0_0-ea11.dmg].  

Follow the prompts to install My Image Garden on your computer.


Once My Image Garden is installed, to insert the disc tray into your PIXMA MG6320, please follow these steps:

 1.  Detach the disc tray from the cassette (upper).

 2.  Holding both sides of the paper output tray, gently open it.

 3.  When the message asking you to load the printable disc is displayed, open the inner cover and push it down all the way to the bottom.

 4.  Place the printable disc with the printable surface facing up.

 5.  Place the disc tray on the inner cover.

 6.  Insert the disc tray straight until the arrow on the inner cover is almost aligned with the arrow on the disc tray.  Do not insert the disc tray beyond the arrow on the inner cover.

Please open My Image Garden and follow these steps:

 1.  On the left hand side, in the directory view, please browse to the folder where your images are and choose your photo.  The photo you wish to use will now appear on the right hand side.  Click on it.

 2.  Click on New Art at the bottom and then Disk Label.

 3.  Select Standard and click OK.

 4.  Click on Background and then select Photo.  Your selected photo will now fill the image of the DVD.

 5.  Click Layout.  Choose your desired layout.  Try using the first layout in the 3rd row down.

 6.  3 text boxes will appear overlaying your image on the DVD.  If you move your cursor over the text box's outline, the cursor will turn into a 4 headed arrow.  If you click and hold the mouse button down while moving the cursor, you can reposition the text box.  When you place the cursor over one of the boxes on the outline of the text box, you will be able to resize the text box.  You can also rotate the text box by clicking the "Rotate Freely" button.

 7.  Click Print.

 8.  Make any necessary adjustments and then click Print to print the label on the DVD.

To view the video of this process, please follow this link:

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I had the same problem but it was solved by reinstalling my Image Garden.

Now I still can't print in CD because keeps appearing a message saying: Can not print because there is no printer supported by this software installed.

My Printer is PIXMA MG 5420.




I have a Canon Pixma MX925 and i cant print on DVDs. It says my printer is not compartible with my Mac environment. I have reinstalled like 20 times on El Capitan.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Bona,


Your PIXMA MX925 is compatible with Mac OS X v10.11.  The drivers are available for download from Canon UK, as the PIXMA MX925 is not sold in the United States and not supported by Canon USA.


To download the drivers for your PIXMA MX925, please use the following link:

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