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MX922 print quality poor wavy lines,. How to fix?


My Pixma MX922, now more than 2 years old has very poor print quaity. I've run alignments and cleanings but it still prints with very wavy lines (vertical and horizontal) and characters have faint shadows like a double impression. How can I fix?

Many thanks for any help,



Hi wkeilble,


You can try cleaning the encoder film of the printer by following the steps located here to see if this will help.  If you still experience difficulty, we ask that you please contact a Canon technical support representative for further assistance by entering your product name and selecting a support method here.  A representative will be happy to assist you free of charge.

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This did improve the situation but I was not able to completely restore clear crisp printing. I cleaned the encoder film several times as described though I didn;t really see any noticeable grease on it. I also did multiple print head alignments and nozzle cleanings. My printer is 3 years old; so I'll just replace it.

Thanks nfor the help.

Cleaning the cellophane strip at first did not make a noticeable improvement.  But after the 4th cleaning, there was 90% improvement.  I think by cleanng the extreme right and left of the strip may have made the difference.  


I also did a "cleaning" and "deep cleaning" and that helped with the clarity.  


By doing a bit more cleaning I think the waviness will totally clear up.

My MX926 prints black text blurry (double lines), and wavy vertical lines on a table, but colour is clear and crisp.

I have aligned heads both manually and automatically. Done head cleaning and deep cleaning. I have cleanet the encoder strip several times. But nothing has made any difference. Here  is part of the head alignment printout. Double printing problem.JPG

Here is part of a table in black and colour.

Wavy vert lines problem.JPG


What can I do to fix this problem?



Please try removing and reseating the ink tanks and print head in the printer by following the steps shown here, then perform a print head alignment again.  Should the issue continue, the printer may require servicing.  


The PIXMA MX926 is a model that is not supported by our team here at Canon USA; please click here and select the country or region closest to you to locate the Canon support team for your location and to obtain servicing options.

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I tried all of the above, but nothing worked. Took it to a repair place and they said the heads need replacing. So it was more economical to buy a new one.

Regarding the nozzle check scan posted by "GES" on page 1, 4th post from the top. 


If head cleaning and head alignment do not solve the problem then I strongly suspect that the black nozzles are heat damaged. I have seen this problem with the Pixma 7250 a few times. Heat damaged black noxzzes typically print in a bow pattern and the print looks fuzzy and not sharp. Vertical lines look misaligned.


The only solution would be to buy a new printer or a new print head, 


Kind regards



PS WARNING. There are a lot of cheap print heads sold as "New" on E bay from Asia that have been removed from discarded printers and cleaned and repackaged to look new. They are typically burnt out and damaged print heads and you will waste your time and money. Only purchase a new print head from a reputable source.


I also tried all of the menu-maintenance items, but could not fix the wavy-blurry print.

This fixed the print output like new:

1. Visit OfficeMAX or OfficeDepot and ask for heavy-bond paper; not card-stock -- 5 or 6 sheets cost me under $1.00.

2. Cut 3/8" off one of the corners of a sheet of this heavy card-stock.

3. Remove all paper from the lower paper-tray; then, insert the clipped sheet with clipped-corner at lower-right.

4. Press 'Menu'; 'Settings'; Maintenance'; 'Auto Head Alignment.

5. After the alignment completes, re-fill the lower paper-tray with normal print paper.

6. Perform a test-print and print a document to verify the clean-as-new print output.

I tried the thicker paper and automatic head alignment.  I had to do it twice but it worked perfectly.  I did change from standard print to best print and the quality is great.