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MP Navigator and High Sierra


After installing macOS 10.13.1 (High Sierra) MP Navigator EX 4.0 has ceased to work.


Thanks, Mark.  In the elegance stakes, that solution scores zero, I'm afraid!  Fortunately, by updating MP Navigator to v4.0.5 and reinstalling the IJ Network Tool in its latest version, all problems with my MG 6150 have been overcome.  Took me a couple of hours to sort that out and I would have hoped for an auto-update from Canon, to be honest, but the job's done, thankfully.  Hopefully this might help other sufferers.

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Read most of the comments. There is no solution at the present time.

I'm very disappointed that my Canon 8800F scanner will not work with OS 10.13.3.  Is Canon going to develop a driver?

Hey Rich - I just called Canon about my MX870 not working (via the Navigator). The short story is that because my printer is so old, the last effective driver was for Yosemite. The good news is that I was directed to use an application called "Image Capture" that is a piece of Mac Software that is already installed with the OS. Go to Finder > Applications > Image Capture. Once opened, you should see your scanner on the left. Good luck! Or call Canon for more info.

Thanks Captainhomeslic.  Unfortunately, my Canon 8800F scanner doesn’t show up on Image Capture.  I will try calling Canon.

People, read this entire thread and you will realize that Canon is not going to update MP Navigator for High Sierra. I have called twice and talked to customer service as well as tech support. I will not downgrade my OS for the sake of Canon and insted went out and bought a new Epson printer that does everything (and More) that my Canon MX880 series printer did. Uses less ink, very quiet, fax, scan and print are excellent. Best of all they update their firmware and Scanning App almost as soon as Apple updates High Sierra.

I assume it is naive to wonder why Apple wouldn't warn that certain things will drop off if one so calls 'upgrades'.   I don't see any benefits in High Seirra actually and likely will now have to spring for a new scanner so will give some serious thought to hitting download next time.

What Epson Printer did you buy that works great with the new High Sierra OS?

Thanks for your post!

If you have an MX870 there is a better solution. Read my and other previous posts for how to find MP Navigator 3.1.5 that works just the way your old one worked and it is far more covenient than Image Capture

My problem is with Canon scanner now not working.   Its a Canon Lide 110    I am based in UK - is there a direct service number for Europe.  

MG 5300 series.  MP Navigator EX no longer opens.  Unable to scan anything

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