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MG7520 Error B203


Called Canon Support and they say it's unrepairable but past 1 year so unreplaceable too.  Tried everything including dismantling the printhead assembly to manually clean.  Barely used the printer, 1 or 2 prints a month.  


Anyone have recommendation on non-Canon I can buy to replace for around the same price range?


Thanks for the tip. works perfectly. Suggest you buy 3rd party ink which is dirt cheap and works fine - refill original cartridges so the printer thinks they are genuine.



I just had the same error B203 pop up on my MG7750 display.


I opened the printer cover and turned the printer off, then i turned it back on and as the printhead started moving i closed the printer cartridge cover.


I was now able to get into the printer menu on the printer itself, i went to setup and then did a reset all and after that i go thru the wifi setup on the printer. After that i did a firmware update. And after that a auto printhead allignment.


For now it works, but i wonder how long ?????


Regards Chris


I have a MG7550 and it have never work well


I have spent a lot of time and money on this product
My printer is just over 2 years old and has not worked well since I bought it and it's not much I've used It's so bad that it's easier to send what I need printede to my children and on their old HP printer, Print it out.
It has been 4 times for service and 2 times for repair and now it's out. Help code 203
i never want anything to do with canon again and want everyone who will hear me discourage to buy something that canon has produced
I feel like I've been crazy. to buy the produkt producer buy Canon.....
canon is terrible useless and a total waste of mone...
Use your money on a printer that does not come from Canon
or what you think of buying just do not!  buy Canon
BR Claus

Mine is still working so far. Been 3 months or so.

Awesome to hear your printer is still working. I had moved mine to unplug it. I'm afraid to move it back to where I had it thinking maybe it'll stop working again. lol.


I joined the forum because it gave me some ideas on how to possible get rid of the B203 error code for my 2 year old MG7520. I ended up upluging the printer from the wall outlet and the computer then turned the computer off. I waited untill the next morning, pluged the printer back into the wall and the computer and rebooted the Mac. I checked the make sure that the Mac was "seeing" the printer, which it was, so I decided the run a full and complete test pattern using the printer tools. Since it started to run the test pattern ( which it would not do the day before) I felt that was a good sign. Sure enough, after running the full test patterns, realigning the heads, etc., I hit the print icon on the Mac and it worked. As many have said though, for how long. I really enjoy the printer, so thanks for the help, and I hope this helps someone else. Ron


I tried the method. It cleared the error. But once I tried to print again (Macbook Pro wireless), it came back. Unable to print.

Any other suggestions?

Mine cleared and I am able to print. However, the print quality is way below par. Somewhat similar to the Draft Setting. Thought I would bite the bullet and get another printer. But try to find one that rates above 3 stars and you will need several cups of coffee. Seems like everything available is just slightly better than junk.

Exactly. And I refuse to buy an HP. Swore off them 4 years ago with their tech support mantra, "no worries, just buy another one."

I'm afraid I've given up and bought a new printer -  a Brother model, recommended by an IT-savvy friend. I was warned not to touch HP. 

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